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Warning for Women: Cleaning Chemicals May Cause Cancer in Women

Women and cleaning chemicals play vital roles in their places to keep a house healthy. But, are these chemicals really good to use? The question had aroused when researchers found that many of the women are affected by the use of chemical cleaning. Cleaning is something which grants the members of the house to stay happy, well and fit. It was recently noticed in a report that 65% of women use cleaning chemicals to keep their houses clean, but in turn, these chemicals, gift the most common disease out of all to them, cancer!!

Let’s find out how actually these chemical reagents work and how they actually clean our house as well as our healthy bodies.

The most severe cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners. Corrosive chemicals can cause burns on the eyes and skin. Agents with high toxicity comprise chlorine bleach and ammonia, which generate fumes which are nauseating to eyes, nose, throat, and lungs and should not be preferred by low immunity persons.

By a survey of the year 2010, it was reported that women who use cleaning chemical on a daily basis were more likely to be under concern of serious risk of cancer than to those women who use it sparingly. It was reported that women who are active users of cleaning chemicals are basically trapping their lives inside the cages of breast cancer and lung cancer. 

Cleaning chemicals use reagents like ammonia, alkylphenols, formaldehyde allows to react with dust particles and other pesticides which leads to a long-term decline in their normal functioning. Definitely, these reagents react to the higher of their power and having abnormal pH levels than the normal human body, affect significantly to human parts. These chemicals release different types of gases when used which also get inhaled by women while using such chemical for cleaning purposes. 

A study created an impending connection between the use of cleaning chemicals and breast cancer risk. We all try to keep our places clean to live a hale and hearty life which are nothing but free from destructive contaminants. But, is it obligatory to use these chemicals just to clean our houses?

Women normally associate cleaning with the use of chemicals without knowing its toxicity levels. Cleaning chemicals sometimes may secretly gift a woman with breast cancer as it contains mammary gland carcinogens and endocrine destructing chemicals.

Cleaning chemicals are of concern in breast cancer research because many ingredients contain endocrine disrupting compounds and mammary gland carcinogens in humans and especially a woman. Even some complex chains of ions may affect the development of estrogen-sensitive to human breast cancer cells. The laboratory experiments and observations factually prove the prevalent exposure of women to cleaning chemicals containing mammary gland carcinogens causing to lose immunity towards breast cancer.

Breast cancer risks were twice likely to appear with women due to fewer immunity powers that use cleaning chemicals than those who use them for the smallest amount. The results of this study suggest that nearly three-quarters of the 2,500 cleaning products enclose some destructive agents that can harm your respiratory system, and over one-quarter of it includes carcinogenic ingredients causing lung and breast cancer. 

To avoid such happenings in our ecosystem has gifted us with some natural cleaners. We just need to explore them.

Now, what could be the solutions to keep a house clean without these chemicals? There are many it’s just that we need to find out!!

Some basic cleaners like soap, water, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and borax, aided by scrubbing can help with household cleaning needs. There are many economical, easy-to-use and non-toxic, natural alternatives which can safely be used in place of commercial household products. Some of which are discussed below to make you aware of their pros and cons!!

Well, if you still choose to go with the chemicals you are spoiling your health and disrespecting the human body.

Baking Soda

The item is easily available in the kitchen used to provide fluffiness in baking items, but apart from this, it is tagged as the best cleaner in a maiden’s house. Marks of fluoride over the floor can be vanished easily by using baking soda. It also deodorizes the environment, avoiding the release of foul and stinking smell that we need to tolerate in chemical cleaners. Apart from all this, it has an ability to soften the hard water by breaking its complex compound.


The soap could be the best alternative to chemical cleaners as it is very less harmful as compared to inorganic and toxic products. Soaps are biodegradable in nature which allows us to use it more conveniently. Soaps are the best cleaning agents which evade discharge of harmful gases and wastes.


A citrus fruit which is well known for its magical ability to remove stains. Lemon can be used for this quality to remove tough stains at different places. It refreshes the environment and cleans the house too. Women should not neglect the plus points of sourness.


It is compounded as sodium borate is another non-toxic agent which easily cleans the floors, tiles, and toilets. It is also used as disinfectant so as to provide safe drinking water. Borax with high reactive properties removes stain marks easily, but do not contribute to diseases like cancer.

White Vinegar

This agent is used to remove greasy stains from floor and wall. Vinegar being an edible agent has no severe issues with the human body.

Washing Soda

This is another one such product found so easily in a house removes stains and marks. 

These are some products which are not harmful to human body and its processes. Women can easily use these items to keep their houses clean and healthy by avoiding risk factors. It is so clear from above-mentioned facts and discussions that chemicals definitely lead to severe health issues that might be cancer too but to avoid chemicals is not a big task. Yes, the market is full of commercial products which allow you to trust them completely, but you are still unaware of their manufacturing and ingredients. 

Women are the backbone of any house from morning to evening she tries to keep her house healthy, but it is necessary to keep her healthy too. We just need to shift some harmful products from the house rest we have the powers of a WOMAN.

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Priya Israni
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