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What are Safe and Healthy Parenting Guidelines – Tasks That Does Not Require any Special Qualities?

Safe and healthy parenting is an uphill exercise that needs extra care and precautions while handling children. Children – an invaluable gift of God is very precious when they are born. Their arrival gives any couple a chance to be addressed by a word “Parent.”

But, the real game is yet to come — game of responsibilities for safe and healthy parenting that lie ahead. Responsibilities to nurture a young, fresh flower that is going to be a future of the society could have some serious challenges for parents.

Kids have pure souls. These souls need good and flourishing environment to refine their purity of love and affection. This is only possible when they get positive environment which aids in proper development of a child.

Few of the tips that could be helpful for safe and healthy parenting are:

1. Encourage Them with Positive Impressions

Good parents have the habits of giving their children encouragements all the time. Encouragements to kids give them the necessary boost which prepares their minds and purifies their fresh souls. Encouragements do not allow their minds to take negative routes to develop.

2. Shower Your Love on Them

Kids are like fresh flowers that are yet to bloom in the garden of life. Your personal love of them acts as manure for these your flowers. Parents have an abundance of love in their hearts. A good shower of love on the little flowers that bloom in the garden of your heart. Being a parent, more you love your kids, more their hearts be filled with good qualities that will make them better persons in the society.

3. Give Them Personal Care

Good parenting lies in the personal care to little ones. Care should be on small needs that your child needs. You are like a gardener in the clean fields of the heart of your kid. As like a farmer who plows the fields to sow seeds to get new crop. A father is just like a farmer. The father has to sow the seeds of good thoughts in the heart of his kids. And mother has to show extra care while caring for the needs of them.

4. Never Ignore Them

Never show your child any ignorance that they are being ignored. Any such signs could leave children in such a condition that your parenting could be in question. If you want to keep high standards in parenting, then you must address every moment while caring your kid.

5. Nil Communication Gap

There should not be any communication gaps between parents and their children. Conversations brings together all. Both mother and father may be busy in their professional lives. They may be having tons of tensions – tension when Big Boss in the office may have fired on some little office issue. Being fired could leave you distant from family members. Keep it aside. Do not let these tensions mixes with the pleasing atmosphere that lies ahead in your house.

Keep yourself in the communicating medium in your house. Talk to your kids about their school activities. What have they done in their classroom? What has been taught to them in their school? These small questions bring you closer to your kids.

6. Listen to Them

Do not give your kids slip over their small problems for which they are dependent upon their parents. The judgment of good parenting starts from here. More you address over your child’s petty problems, more they come near to you. If parents start ignoring them, children would not feel the distance at their tender age, but as they age grows, some distances could crop up had children felt that they were ignored during their tender age.

7. Positive Family Environment

Environment in the family would have greater impact on the qualities of parenting. Good parenting requires nice and positive family environment. There must not be any such types of habits in the family that could push kids into bad habits. Pushing kids into bad habits could also be due to the social circle (friendship) that kids have on their own. But, parents must keep a check in such a way that kids should feel secure under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Safe and healthy parenting do require special care while caring your kids.

Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra has already in Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has served in Jet Airways, Sahara Airlines as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer across various airports in the country. I can understand read and write English well. Writing as well as English is my passion and it comes out of heart even at the mid of the night. Not to speak of the day.

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