Diabetic Friendly Foods

Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome in which blood sugar level is raised, that, too it’s a very commonly found disorder. This disorder is widely seen in Indians and once the onset of diabetes occurs, then the affected person has to be under medication throughout the life period.

Why in some conditions, insulin injection has to administer to maintain the sugar level in blood, also the person’s dietary pattern has to be changed, lifestyle pattern to be changed to physically active wise. There are diabetes friendly foods found naturally that are precious gifts for this diabetic patient, let’s have a brief description of the foods that benefit for the people who have diabetes

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

The natural way to cure diabetes is included of coconut oil in your diet routinely. These coconut oil, essential compounds like lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids are lighter in density than the glucose molecules. Thus, it makes this food easily available to the cells, thus acts as an effective fuel for the human cells that too without the requirement of insulin help.

Jamun Seeds

Jamun Seeds

The jamun seeds are an excellent remedy in treating diabetes, you can either have jamun fruit as such, or you also can powder it and store it. Then try using that powder in your regular diet. You will be amazed at the results; it reduces the blood sugar level and thus maintains it under control naturally.

Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon, Dalchini

Cinnamon is a treasure available in your kitchen; it has anti-inflammatory and diabetes curing properties. When your daily intake, this spice in your diet, it helps in lowering the fasting blood sugar, also reduces the cholesterol level in blood. Diabetic person can have 3-6 gram of cinnamon powder in their daily diet to have effective results in lowering sugar level in blood.



Daruhaldi is a thorny herb that is used from our ancient period till now in treating diabetes. This herb root can be powdered and used. For best results try to have twice a day of this herb in your diet and see the difference, the results are shocking, This herb stimulates the pancreas, thus insulin will be automatically released into the blood, insulin resistance in the cells are assisted by this amazing herb, thereby glucose supply to the cells happen naturally and cells get energized.

Try this nature’s worth herb in your diet and see the difference.

  • “When food is right, medicine is of no need?
  • When food is wrong, medicine is of no use”

The above statement very well goes with this topic, try to incorporate this diabetes friendly foods and get benefited out without any side effects.

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