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What is Feminism with Definition and example irrespective to sociology?

Feminist scholars emphasize upon the premise that in the world today, in the name of family the rights of female members are getting violated and such violations are ignored considering it being a personal matter, which is why feminist scholars gave a term “personal is political” that it is not a personal rather, it is a strategy through which power is exercised by one over another.

Thus, when we consider politics as a power, we find that in the name of the family women members are forced to sub-ordinate to male members and play a secondary role which has largely been objective by the feminist.

Is feminism is for everybody?

In the world of development, both men and women members constitute an integral part of the society. But at the same time over the number of the years women members have been denied their rights and their equality in the world affairs as a result of which we can say that feminism is a protest against patriarchy being followed in the society.

Patriarchy means the rule of the father in the family, due to his economic freedom which makes him in the position of taking all major and minor decisions of the family related to economic, social and political too. The economic freedom of the father or male members in the society gives them the upper hand in the decision making thus denying the rights of the mother and other female members of the household. It is stated that scholars like Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Taylor and others emphasized upon the ideology of feminism by which they seek equality and Independence for women members of the household.

Feminism definition Sociology

Feminist scholars have been emphasizing upon the premise that in the world today one needs to realize that gone are the days when women would use to consider as inferior to men and they are incomparable to men’s physical and mental superiority.

Defenders of patriarchy, emphasis upon the premise that women are not able to work efficiently like men because works like construction and any development work of the society needs more physical labour and that hard work can be only provided by male members only. On the other hand, defenders of feminism states that in the current developing world we have introduced new and advanced technologies which reduces human labor, which ultimately suggests that, both male and female members can equally handle these works and can work together on the same platform.

Feminist scholars also emphasizes upon the premise that sex and gender debate which they transform into the idea of natural inequality and through this these scholars criticize the social inequality which we human developed. It is stated that the society has been unkind to the women members and as a result of which from time to time, with such regulations that are largely titled in the favour of male members of the society.

They believed that it is more to do with the culture and our cultural activities set up in such a manner which put males versus females situations and scenario which pressurizes them to compete with each other. It is stated that as a result of which government across the world facing, this herculian task of restricting crime against women members in the society. One emphasizes upon the premise that such structure has been defined in our society which emphasizes that male members would be getting the economic benefits in the lives of their work, the female members will not be getting this kind of economic benefit and as a result of which, that they will lose their economic dependence on father, brother, husband or son.

One realizes that there is an urgent need of solution to address this issue of discrimination of female members, so that we can able to end the social evils like dowry, female foeticide, exploitation of women and violation of the their rights, and government need to set up those structures which promotes education and employment towards them so that overall development can take place for female members in the society.

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