EducationWhich are The Best Online Sites for Learning BigData Hadoop?

Which are The Best Online Sites for Learning BigData Hadoop?

Today, the data gathering and analysis of data have a high demand in companies and industries. It has now become a priority in companies. The need for Big Data Professionals is now increasing day by day rapidly. The demand will be higher by the year 2020, according to IBM. But there is a considerable lack of Big Data professionals to meet the companies demand. Some big companies even reported that they find it challenging to meet Big Data experts.

But some companies have realised the importance and need of Big Data experts to grow the market. Today Big Data Experts are earning a lot of money. So what are you thinking to enter into this rapidly growing market? So which is the way to enter into this industry? The Best way to enter into this market is by learning Big Data. Thus here I am providing the best way to take this career by learning it. So I have gathered some best websites to take this course online. So look at the list available below to get details.


Simplilearn is known for providing a large number of courses. It offers a variety of courses like Hadoop, SAS, Apache Spark and R. This platform is created for both beginners and professionals. The course is designed, such as how to manage Data, IT, and Analytics, to improve the knowledge in the Big Data. It provides Big Data Hadoop training to master you the concepts of Hadoop Framework and prepare you for the certification. Online Hadoop training will help you to learn the working of the components of the Hadoop ecosystem like Hadoop 2.7, Yarn, Apache Spark, MapReduce, HDFS, Pig, Impala, HBase, Flume, etc. That fits in the processing of Big Data lifecycle. You can Implement your real-life projects in various fields like banking, telecommunication, social media, insurance, and e-commerce. It will give you immense great features like 48 hours of instructor-led training, 24 hours of self-paced video, five real-life industry projects using Hadoop and Spark, practising at your own on Cloud Lab, gives the best training on many things like Pig, Hive, Impala, HBase, Yarn, MapReduce and Apache Spark. It also provides free courses like Apache Kafka and Core Java. This company provides over 400 courses in the field of IT, programming, digital marketing, and project management.

What is the syllabus of Big Data course provided by Simplilearn?

It provides all the things you need to know about Big Data. It will help you to become a professional Big Data Expert. It has included some lessons to learn Big Data. Lesson names are listed below.

  • First Lesson: What is Big data and what is Hadoop Ecosystem?
  • Second Lesson: complete knowledge of HDFS and YARN
  • Third Lesson:  About MapReduce and Sqoop
  • Fourth Lesson: Basic knowledge of Hive and Impala
  • Fifth Lesson: Get the knowledge of Working with Hive and Impala
  • Sixth Lesson: What are the types of Data Formats
  • Seventh Lesson: Know about the Advanced Hive concept and data file partitioning
  • Eighth Lesson: Apache flume and HBase
  • Ninth Lesson: Pig
  • Tenth Lesson: Basics of Apache Spark
  • Eleventh Lesson: RDDS in Spark
  • Twelfth Lesson: Implementation of Spark Applications
  • Thirteenth Lesson: Spark Parallel Processing
  • Fourteenth Lesson: Spark RDD Optimization techniques
  • Fifteenth Lesson: Spark Algorithm
  • Sixteenth Lesson: Spark SQL

What are the objectives of learning Big Data course provided by Simplylearn?

  • To give you complete and detailed knowledge of Framework of Big Data like HDFS, Hadoop and Spark, YARN and MapReduce.
  • To give you knowledge of using Spark SQL to create, transform and query data forms.
  • To give you knowledge of various interactive algorithms in Spark.
  • To give you knowledge of using Spark RDD optimisation strategies.
  • To give you the knowledge of parallel processing in Spark.
  • To give you knowledge of know of carrying functional programming in Spark and using Spark applications.
  • To give you knowledge of using Pig, Hive, and Impala to work on data stored in HDFS.
  • To give you knowledge of using Sqoop and Flume for data ingestion.
  • To give you knowledge of processing real-time data using Spark.

How much does Simplylearn charge for Big Data course?

The cost of Big data course is pocket-friendly. It charges $279 for self-paced learning and $239 for Online training.

What is the mode of training provided by Simplylearn?

There are two modes of training provided by Simply learn. First is self-paced learning and second is online learning. Self-paced learning takes 180 days, and Online training takes 90 days.

Who are the instructors to teach Big Data Course?

Qualified and Certified Professionals give training on Big Data. Real-life experts give training. You can expect the best knowledge from it.


It is the most popular name you might hear in the field of Big data. It provides certification in the field of CCP Spark and Hadoop Developer, which is recognised in the World. You can do certification either in a physical classroom or virtual classroom. You can also give exam hereafter learning.

What is the syllabus of Big Data provided by Cloudera?

The syllabus of Big Data provided by Cloudera is mentioned below:

  • Introduction of Apache Hadoop and Hadoop Ecosystem
  • File storage of Apache Hadoop.
  • Overview of RDD.
  • Distributed processing on an Apache Hadoop cluster
  • Basics of Apache Spark.
  • Transforming data with RDDs
  • Aggregating Data with Pair RDDS
  • Querying tables and views with Apache Spark SQL
  • Distributed processing
  • Distributed Data persistence
  • Common patterns in Apache Spark Data Processing
  • Apache Spark Streaming introduction to DStreams
  • Working with DataFrames and Schemes
  • Working with Datasets in Scala
  • Apache Spark Streaming: Processing many batches
  • Analysing Data with DataFrame Queries
  • Writing, Configuring and Running Apache Spark Applications
  • Apache Spark Streaming: Data Sources

What is the objective of Big Data Course provided by Cloudera?

  • Using Spark SQL to query data.
  • Process of real-time processing using spark streaming.
  • The process to create applications with Apache Spark 2
  • Process of writing applications that use core Spark
  • The procedure of working with big data from the distributed file system
  • Process of executing Spark applications on a Hadoop cluster.

Who are the Course instructors at Cloudera?

Professionals and experts teach Big Data at Cloudera.

How much does Cloudera charge for Big Data course?

Cloudera charges $2235 for Big Data Course.

What is the mode of training provided by Cloudera for the Big Data Course?

It provides two-way of training for Big Data. First is physical learning like classroom and second is virtual or online training.

Big Data University

The Big Data University offers Big Data course at beginner and intermediate level. You can get the content and video at your comfort pace. It provides different courses to learn Big Data.

What is the syllabus of Big Data provided by Big Data University?

The syllabus is given below, which is facilitated by Big Data University:

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Big data – Beyond the hype
  • Data Science and Big Data
  • Big Data Use Case
  • how to process the Big Data

What is the objective of learning Big Data University course?

  • You will learn the following about Big Data course
  • How you can use Big Data to run a successful and smooth business and how you can better manage your customers.
  • How you can process Big Data on various platforms
  • How Hadoop is a big data solution

Who are the Course instructors at Big Data University?

The course instructors are very much professionals and skilled with many years of expertise in the industry.

How much do Big Data University charges for Big Data course?

There is no charge for the course. It is absolutely free.

What is the mode of training provided by the Big Data University for the Big Data course?

The big Data University provides a self-paced course.


Hortonworks is a very popular name in Big Data. It has no official Big Data certification, but their certifications have good remarks and credibility in the industry.

What is the syllabus of Big Data course syllabus provided by Hortonworks?

It facilitates self-study to the students as well as it takes certification exams. The syllabus of certification programs is provided below.

  • Overview of HDP: Essentials of Apache Hadoop
  • Operations of HDP: Hadoop administration foundations
  • HDP Operations: Hadoop administration 2
  • HDP Operations: HDP Administration fast track
  • HDF NiFi Flow management
  • HDP Operations: security
  • HDP Operations: Apache HBase advanced management
  • HDP Analyst: Data science
  • HDP Developer: Real-time development
  • HDP Developer: Quickstart
  • HDP Developer: Enterprise Apache Spark 1
  • HDP Developer: Spark 2.x
  • HDP Developer: Apache Pig and Hive
  • HDP Developer: Java
  • HDP Developer: Apache storm and Trident
  • HDP Developer: Apache HBase Essentials
  • HDP Developer: Custom YARN Applications

What is the objective of Hortonwork’s Big Data course?

The courses which are provided by Hortonwork’ are designed to teach you the following things.

How you can use Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and the Hadoop System

Know about the concepts, architecture and operation of the Hortonworks data platform

How can you develop real-time applications to process streaming data sources?

Know how you can use Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm and Trident, Apache Spark, Apache HBase and Apache NiFi.

Who are the Course instructors at Hortonwork?

The course instructors are professionally skilled experts in the Bid Data industry.

How much does Hortonworks’ charges for Big data course?

The courses provided by Hortonwork is expensive. The cost of the course range from £550 – £2395 pounds.

What is the mode of training provided by Hortonwork for the big data course?

There are three different modes of Big Data training provided by Hortonworks. They train their students to live, self-paced and mixed (i.e. self-placed and live training sessions).


It offers courses in partnership with the University of California, San Diego. It provides best online training as what you enjoy to study at your college campus. It provides courses for the beginner as well as for experts.

What is the Big Data syllabus provided by Coursera?

The big data specialisation course includes six courses which are given as follows:

  • Course 1: What is Big Data?
  • Course 2: How to model Big data and to manage systems?
  • Course 3: how to integrate Big data and how to process it?
  • Course 4: Machine learning with big data
  • Course 5: Graph Analytics for big data
  • Course 6: Big data- capstone project

What is the objective of Big Data course provided by Coursera?

The objectives of the big data specialisation course provided by Coursera are as follow:

  • Know how to structure, analyse and interpret big data
  • Know the process of solving real-world problems and questions.
  • Know the insights of Big Data with the adding feature of tools and systems.
  • Know the process of using Hadoop with many things like MapReduce, Spark, Pig, and Hive
  • Know the process of performing predictive modelling and also using analytics for graph

Who are the Course instructors at Coursera?

The course instructors are professionally skilled in the field of Data Science.

How much do Coursera charges for Big Data course?

The Coursera charges for the Big Data course is $324.

What is the mode of training provided by Coursera for the Big data course?

The Coursera provides Self-paced online training.


It is a great website to learn Big Data. It provides open curriculum-based training. It provides certification which approaches to tools and techniques which is required for Big Data Analytics. This course focuses on principles and concepts. It is a good and ideal platform for the multi-technology environment. It supports real-world use cases. It provides two courses to become a certified Data Scientist. The first course is for beginner and the second is to get expertise.

What is the syllabus of Big Data provided by EMC?

It provides two courses to become a certified Data Scientist. First is Data Science and Big Data Analytics, and second is Advanced Methods in Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

Course Syllabus of Data Science and Big Data Analytics:-

This course provides foundation level training.

  • Introduction and Course Agenda
  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
    • Big Data Overview
    • State of the Practice in Analytics
    • The Data Scientist
    • iv. Big Data Analytics in Industry Verticals
  • Data Analytics Lifecycle
    • Discovery
    • Data Preparation
    • Model Planning
    • Model Building
    • Communicating Results
    • Operationalizing
  • Review of Basic Data Analytic Methods Using R
    • Using R to Look at Data – Introduction to R
    • Analysing and Exploring the Data
    • Statistics for Model Building and Evaluation
  • Advanced Analytics – Theory And Methods
    • K Means Clustering
    • Association Rules
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naïve Bayesian Classifier
    • Decision Trees
    • Time Series Analysis
    • Text Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics – Technologies and Tools
    • Analytics for Unstructured Data – MapReduce and Hadoop
    • The Hadoop Ecosystem
    • In-database Analytics – SQL Essentials
    • In-database Analytics there is Advanced SQL and MADlib
  • Putting it All Together or The Endgame
    • Operationalising an Analytics Project
    • Creating the Final Deliverables
    • Data Visualization Techniques
    • Final Lab Exercise on Big Data Analytics

Course syllabus for Advanced Methods in Data Science and Big Data Analytics:-

  • Module 1: MapReduce and Hadoop
    • Lesson 1: The MapReduce Framework
    • Lesson 2: Apache Hadoop
    • Lesson 3: Hadoop Distributed File System
    • Lesson 4: YARN
  • Module 2: Hadoop Ecosystem and NoSQL
    • Lesson 1: Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Lesson 2: Pig
    • Lesson 3: Hive
    • Lesson 4: NoSQL – Not Only SQL
    • Lesson 5: HBase
    • Lesson 6: Spark
  • Module 3: Natural Language Processing
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to NLP
    • Lesson 2: Text Preprocessing
    • Lesson 3: TFIDF
    • Lesson 4: Beyond Bag of Words
    • Lesson 5: Language Modeling
    • Lesson 6: POS Tagging and HMM
    • Lesson 7: Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling
  • Module 4: Social Network Analysis
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to SNA and Graph Theory
    • Lesson 2: Most Important Nodes
    • Lesson 3: Communities and Small World
    • Lesson 4: Network Problems and SNA Tools
  • Module 5: Data Science Theory and Methods
    • Lesson 1: Simulation
    • Lesson 2: Random Forests
    • Lesson 3: Multinomial Logistic Regression
  • Module 6: Data Visualization
    • Lesson 1: Perception and Visualization
    • Lesson 2: Visualization of Multivariate Data

What is the objective of Big Data course provided by EMC?

The objective of Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course is given as follows:-

Participate and contribute as a Data Science Team Member immediately on big data and other analytics projects by:

  1. Deploying the Lifecycle of Data Analytics to address big data analytics projects
  2. Reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge
  3. Applying analytic techniques and tools which are appropriate to analyse big data, create statistical models, and identify insights that can lead to actionable results
  4. Selecting data which is appropriate whose visualisations to communicate analytic insights to business sponsors and analytic audiences clearly
  5. Using tools like in-database analytics, R and RStudio, MapReduce/Hadoop, and Window and MADlib functions
  6. Explain how can advanced analytics  be leveraged to create the advantage of competition and how the data scientist role and skills are different from those of a traditional business intelligence analyst

The objective of Advanced Methods in Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course:-

  • Develop and execute MapReduce functionality
  • Gain familiarity with NoSQL databases and Hadoop Ecosystem tools for analysing large-scale, unstructured data sets
  • Develop a working knowledge of Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, and Data Visualization concepts
  • Use advanced quantitative methods, and apply one of them in a Hadoop environment
  • Apply advanced techniques to real-world datasets in a final lab

Who are the Course instructors at EMC?

The course instructors are professionally skilled in the field of Data Science.

How much do EMC charges for Big Data course?

The EMC charges for the Big Data course is between $600 to $5000.

What is the mode of training provided by EMC for the Big data course?

The EMC provides Self-paced and Online training.

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