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10 Best and Popular ASMR Methods and Ideas to Make ASMR based Videos

A trend is gaining momentum on the most significant social vlogging community, YouTube and is quite beneficial. Have you ever heard of ASMR? Well, these are sensations accompanied by soothing sounds that calm our mind. These sounds tickle our mind in various ways. It arouses your subconscious mind and is characterised by relaxing sounds. An Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) as it is called, is our ultimate destination for relaxation. It is all over the Internet, and yes, it is nothing short of a range. Much like other fads this too has permeated into Indian digital space from the West.

ASMR uses combined technology of sound and music techniques that can make you fall asleep, increase your focus and stimulate your mind accordingly. YouTubers promoting this trend have mushroomed in the last few years. They are now targeting every aspect of your routine life and connecting it with ASMR.

The Internet is flooded with ASMR videos. The videos are a compilation of many sounds made by the host that include his voice or the sounds from various objects in the videos. They mostly murmur in the videos, and the sounds of soap cutting and breaking are very profound. Many YouTubers are producing videos on a variety of topics which vary in nature. These videos are quite a riot, and we get stumbled upon these videos while surfing through the net. In these videos, they manage to hold our attention.

There are some role-play videos wherein, and the host dresses up as some character, mostly a fantastic one, and then narrates a story. These types of videos can be found in abundance, and the story could take any courses and props that can help the audience and the host in taking the idea forward. In this post, we will be looking at various methods of creating ASMR videos and also the points they would target.

The popular Asian trend Mukbang is combined with ASMR technique. The munching, smacking, gulping, slurping sounds have a meditative effect on our minds. Our body reacts to these sounds. There are videos where the host sits and consumes a table filled with food. As he or she enjoys the supper, we relax amidst the sounds as mentioned above. ASMR is not the only hot topic on YouTube as the roasters are also leading the entertaining giant platform and you might also be interested in knowing the Top 5 Roasters From India Making Waves All Around The World.

Buzz feed India made a parody video on ASMR techniques and went to show that how unbearable it becomes. The footage ends up making us laugh and also disturbing our minds. Some of these videos are misusing the technique and putting up bizarre thumbnails. The more outlandish the thumbnail, the more views it would garner. So, why do people love watching them? Well, the answer lies in our love for bizarre things like cringe pop. We also end up watching things to criticise them, in a way making them accessible. The trend starts on a positive note, and when well-received, slowly turns a little nonsense.

10 Best and Popular ASMR Methods and Ideas to Make ASMR based Videos are:

1. Whispering

Whispering is a technique or a trigger that slowly drowns into your ears and creates a constant burst of emotions. It is the most common method. It is a simple technique infused by a host to captivate audiences. The technology capitulates various ways of murmuring. The trigger blends into the surrounding sounds almost camouflaging itself.

2. Scratching and Tapping

Have you ever drawn a line on a blackboard with the rough edge of the chalk? Imagine the sound effect and much more. My difficulty is that the sound it makes is annoying for a class filled with students, so will it be relieving for audiences. It can be! Scratching a wooden chair or tapping a cupboard its all part of the act. But these videos receive uninhibited support because there are also such people who like these sounds.

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3. Blowing

Another technique is receiving unbridled love from audiences. This trigger is a culmination of many sounds. Blowing on a whistle or through a pipe, using a straw to blow a liquid are all evidence of blowing. The idea is lame, but overall the trigger manifests into an effective method of helping people. With the advent of ASMR, this technique has found many viewers.

4. Page-turning

Flipping through pages or merely running your hands through the pages. This is now masquerading as ASMR. This trigger is useful in making you feel calm and peaceful. It is awkwardly tranquil, and the experience rejuvenates you.

5. Paying attention

Paying attention has role-played, and these videos feature an array of role plays. These videos have found many takers. They even portray a host in extravagant clothing without making any bones about it. It is refreshing and replenishes your mood. It does seem a little delusional and juvenile, though.

6. Clicking sounds

The sound of keys of keyboards, typing fastly, switches or buttons also can tickle your nerves and lead towards a certain feeling of pleasure. Some people may love such sounds of a good paced typing, typewriters keys or mobile keypad keys etc. These sounds are a treat for a few senses and can stimulate their mind’s pleasure points.

7. Concentration on a task

The task could be anything. The host performs the job, and we seek pleasure in it. The trigger has developed over time, and your mind switches off its conscious mode. Thus letting our subconscious mind take over. The tasks can also be unique and disgusting. As long it arrests the audiences, it’s all fine.

8. Breaking

You heard me right breaking is also part of ASMR. The technique is new. I noticed it in some videos and well, I feel it is unnecessary. Breaking all kinds of objects and the host’s commentary along with it add to the ambience.

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9. Eating

This trigger or method started in South Korea and spread across the world. Mukbang is also a method used to relax your senses.

ASMR as a reflex is an excellent offering if the triggers in the videos are well arranged. I mean the whole package of ASMR works, but in parts, it is disorienting and sometimes unscientific. I still believe that videos are overrated.

10. Buzzing

Buzzing can trigger your senses in various ways. Now, imagine the buzzing of a honey bee. It’s soothing at times. But at the same time, the buzzing of a mosquito can be irritating. Buzzing sound is also derived out of razors, vibrating brushes, massage machines etc. So, these sounds can, of course, attract the senses of a particular audience and produce the effects of ASMR. ASMR is a field with a lot of scope for researches. If you wish to create such content, you can bring out extensive grounds of ASMR content keeping in mind such techniques and activating your exploring side. This is something in trend and also scientific. So, it is a great idea to create such content.

This article has been reviewed and edited by Mansi Yadav

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