Op-ed12 Human Foods that are Really Good for your Dog

12 Human Foods that are Really Good for your Dog

How is your furry friend? Taking care of your dog is one of the most fulfilling tasks. As a pet parent, I know the joy we all feel seeing our dog jump up and down when you say you’ll take them for a walk. The sparkle in their eyes when you say it’s playtime merely is precious, but if you want them to be with you for a long time, you need to take care of their health. Do we often wonder what the best food to feed my dog is?

Here is the solution we often hear you should be providing them with dog food, but that not right. Here are 12 human foods that are good for your dog’s health.

The 12 Human Foods that are Really Good for your Dog are as the following:

1. Bone broth

Bone Broth

If there is one thing you should be feeding your dog, it has to be bone broth, it offers tremendous health benefits, and it’s homemade dog food. Bone broth is like a healing liquid for them; it improves your dog’s digestion and heals a leaky gut. The of diseases like inflammation, allergies and autoimmune disorders start from the gut.

Bone broth has gelatin to repair the mucus lining of the gut; this prevents your dog’s gut from leaking toxins into the bloodstream. Bone broth is known for its role in detoxing the liver. It carries minerals, electrolytes and acids that put your dog’s liver on detox. Bone broth has powerful anti-inflammation and provides relief from muscle and joint pain. It even boosts their immunity, supports brain function and improves skin health. Simmering bones prepare the bone broth for several days in apple cider vinegar.

2. Raw goat milk

Raw Goat Milk

Raw goat milk is perfect for your beloved dog. Raw goat milk, in particular, contains a lot of nutrients. It has vitamin A, C, K2, healthy fats and amino acids. Raw milk also has probiotics and digestive enzymes that repair leaky gut and boost skin health. It has mineral and electrolytes which strengthen the immune system and reduce allergies.

Fat globules in goat milk are smaller and more comfortable for your dog to absorb. It contains vitamin A, selenium and zinc. Always start with smaller amounts and work your way up.

3. Carrots


Carrots are an incredible source of vitamin A; they boost your dog’s immunity promoting skin and coat health. Chewing carrots not only keeps your dog occupied, but it’s also useful for its teeth. It helps to remove plaque which otherwise contributes to teeth rotting.

Just remember to feed them carrots in moderation because they are good, but excess can lead to toxicity which can be dangerous for your dog.

4. Apples


Apples are healthy and fibre rich food you can give to your dog. Just remove the pits because they contain a form of cyanide that is dangerous for your pooch. Apples are a rich source of vitamin A, C and fibre. Vitamin C boosts immunity, while vitamin A is an excellent antioxidant that improves skin and coat health.

If your dog is overweight apples are an excellent option to provide nutrition without an excess of calories. Check the apple properly before feeding because rotten apples can cause alcohol poisoning in dogs.

5. Eggs


For a long time, eggs were considered inadequate due to their cholesterol content, but more and more studies have pointed out how great they are. Cholesterol in the egg is good cholesterol; they contain amino acids that help built muscle, repair tissue and strengthen hairs.

Biotins and vitamins further make eggs great for your dog’s health. To avoid a digestive upset, you can feed your dog a combination of raw and cooked eggs.

6. Green beans

Green Beans

Dogs love snacking, and green beans are excellent healthy snacks they contain vitamin A, C and K, which boost their immunity and nutritional blood composition.

Vitamin K is vital for blood clotting. They too have iron and magnesium. Iron promotes blood health while magnesium is involved in all movements like walking, heartbeats and breathing; they are one of the best human food for dog training. Do not get store-bought one they are fried and contains spices like paprika, onions, salt and garlic.

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7. Organ meats

Organ Meats

We all know meat is good for the dog, but not all meats are equal, organ meats and glands are delicious because they are very intentionally dense. They are one of the best human food for dog training. The liver, brain, kidneys and heart are the top choices for health organ meats. Your dog gets various vitamins, iron, riboflavin and zinc from organ meats. The brain meat gives omega 3, vitamin B12, selenium and zinc.

8. Salmon


Feeding salmon to your dog can be a bit expensive, but they are an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids which means your dog will have a shiny coat and skin. They are also good for heart health and brain functioning.

9. Turkey

Turkey Meat

Dogs love the taste of turkey, choose the straightforward kind highly nutritious. Most pet food lists turkey as an ingredient on the label. You can ground the turkey neck and add them to your dog’s food. It will give them plenty of essential fatty acids, protein and calcium.

10. Chicken


Chicken needs no introduction; it’s already the most common pet food ingredient. It’s affordable in comparison to turkey and provides protein and vitamins, especially vitamin B.

Although commercial pet food contains a chicken claim to have vitamin B, a particular vitamin is very fragile and can be destroyed if the food is kept under sun. If you are feeding your homemade dog food, include unseasoned chicken do not give them cooked bones as they tend to shatter and can injure your dog’s intestines.

11. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a low-calorie superfood for your dog. It contains vitamin and fibres to keep your dog healthy. It boosts their urinary function, regulated digestion and is natural deworming agents.

12. Coconut


Coconut has easily digestible fatty acids and electrolytes that boost your dog’s health. This tree fruit is ultimately none toxic and has ample antioxidants that reduce inflammation and boost immunity. Give them coconut in moderation. Homemade dog food is healthy for your dog as none of the nutrients is destroyed, and they are fresh. The best food to feed your dog according to me is bone broth.

Komal Loshali
Komal Loshali
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