EducationSome Failures that Make an Aspirant Full of Dilemma

Some Failures that Make an Aspirant Full of Dilemma

After getting some failures, the dilemma that an aspirant has during his/her preparation becomes a big obstacle for further success. These days, it is a common problem leading to depression, anxiety, frustration, and so on to the youths of the country. The people think that if a UPSC aspirant does not get cut off marks, he/she is not serious in studies. And these people start pinching that aspirant to choose another field or having bad luck and so on.

Life after failure in UPSC is not that much easy as an aspirant thinks in the beginning. Ethical dilemmas that he/she has throughout his/her journey make life more difficult than ever. It’s the bitter truth of the UPSC journey. If one overcomes them, get success in life, and if not, brings anxiety, frustration, and depression in life.

So here are some examples of failures and dilemmas throughout one’s UPSC journey that make him/her vulnerable to society:

Career vs Society

Some aspirants choose UPSC as a career because of the expectations of society. They ignore their passion and go what society expects. It leads to further failures in this journey when they cannot cope up with the syllabus and time management as well. They are stuck between social expectations and personal interests. Further, they have an ethical dilemma like- what to do, what not to do, to meet their career goals.

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Expectations vs Reality

Aspirants think that whatever they are dreaming of should be fulfilled. However, they forget the difference between dreams and reality. Although, dreams are prerequisites for any success you are aiming for, daydreaming leads to a waste of time and the creation of a web of imaginations that are far from reality and can’t be fulfilled without putting in lots of hard work. So it also creates a dilemma in aspirants’ minds and leads to failures ahead.

Family vs Passion

Not all civil services aspirants fulfil their passion for being a civil servant. One of the crucial reasons is family. Undoubtedly, the family plays an essential role in one’s success. And some aspirants stop in the middle of the preparation because of family pressure, responsibilities, expectations, and liabilities, etc.; this leads to their capabilities and stamina to fulfil their dreams unutilised, and they become prey to the situations around them.

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Financial support

One of the very significant reasons for failures and ethical dilemmas of a civil services aspirant is lack of financial support. Some begin with the hope of changing the family conditions one day by being a civil servant soon. Still, when the preparation takes time and needs financial support to survive and fulfil the basic needs of the aspirants and his/her family, the aspirants fall prey to their economic conditions and breaks down; this also leads to an ethical dilemma in their mind if they choose UPSC, they don’t have adequate financial resources, and if they do some private jobs, their dreams will be shattered. And most of them choose the second one as survival is necessary to see dreams. Thus, many aspirants leave their preparation in the middle and unwillingly, become an example of failure in this journey.

UPSC toppers who failed in prelims

Many UPSC toppers have revealed after being selected in this examination that they once or more than once, even did not clear prelims and started it again from zero. They didn’t stop there but patiently prepared for the next attempt and got success thereafter. Some others reveal that they cleared this exam after getting failed in more than four and five attempts. But their patience and consistency in their preparation led to their success further. So overall, we see that besides hard work and knowledge, patience and consistency are also needed to crack this exam.

Life after failure in UPSC

Life is not that much easy after getting failure in UPSC as it seems when we start our preparation. We feel demotivated, lose confidence in ourselves, get frustrated, become anxious, and depressed, and so on. All this leads to the presence of negativity in our minds about being a successful person and for putting hard work and giving time to the preparation. Some think of it as a myth that can’t be a reality in their life. And they divert their paths to crimes, bad politics, and other social evils. And some of them leave to their fate. They think they are getting whatever their fate is deciding and they can’t do anything about that. So they become idle further in their life and wait for fate’s decision. However, some of them are optimistic and continue their preparation despite a hard time. And they believe that hard work always pays and knowledge still teaches to face difficulties and challenges in hard times. Thus, they keep on trying and get success in their life ahead.

Thus, we see different-2 failures and ethical dilemmas, UPSC aspirants, have throughout their journey. Some are failed, and some get successful, and some are still stuck between these two. Anyway, every failure teaches us something and gives the experience to avoid the mistakes that we have done before. We should be optimistic, consistent, and patient while preparing to prevent negativity and depression. Success and failures are part of life that does not mean that only these two decide a happy and sad life, respectively. Many people live happily ever after being failed continuously in their life, and many live in a gloomy mood even after being successful.

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Upadhyay Gudiya
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