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20 Latest and Trending Hairstyles for Boys and Men with and without Beards

Discovering the perfect hairstyle that complements your face shape can make a world of difference in how others perceive you. Before you dive into the latest and trending hairstyles, it’s essential to identify your face shape. Take a moment to grab a mirror or shaving mirror, whichever you prefer, and examine your facial contours, ensuring your hair doesn’t obstruct your view of the forehead and cheekbones. Your face shape will fall into one of the following categories: RECTANGULAR, OVAL, CIRCULAR, TRIANGULAR, SQUARE, or CYLINDERICAL.

Congratulations once you determine your unique face shape! You’ve completed the crucial first step. Now, let’s explore this list of exceptional hairstyles curated for various face shapes. Remember, selecting a hairstyle that suits you best is the key to looking your best. So, let’s get started and find the perfect haircut to make you stand out from the crowd!

20 Latest and Trending Hairstyles for Boys and Men with and without Beards:

1. Slick Back Undercut (Constantine Undercut)
Slick Back Undercut (Constantine Undercut)

The Slick Back Undercut, also known as the Constantine Undercut, perfectly suits individuals with distinct jawlines. If you have visibly prominent cheekbones or a solid rectangular or triangular facial structure, this hairstyle will suit you well. Stylists achieve the desired look by styling the top of the hair with a puffy and slicked-back appearance using hair wax, while they apply a hair texture spray on the sides to enhance the undercut’s texture and volume.

If you are blessed with an oval face shape, consider yourself fortunate, as this hairstyle beautifully complements your facial features. In fact, an oval face shape allows you to experiment with various hairstyles. So, why not give the Constantine slick back undercut a shot?

This trendy hairstyle draws inspiration from the iconic look of John Constantine, a character from the DC comics’ Hellblazer series under the Vertigo imprint. Embrace the suave and stylish aura of this haircut, and you’ll undoubtedly make a bold statement wherever you go.

2. Flowing Locks-Phoenix Lock Cut: Embrace Majestic Crown-like Hair
Flowing locks-Phoenix Lock cut

If you possess a striking beard and boast a cylindrical or rectangular face shape, the Flowing Locks-Phoenix Lock Cut becomes the ideal choice for you. Growing out your hair can pose challenges and may lack motivation at times to continue. You might find yourself in an awkward phase where your hair isn’t quite long enough or short enough to fit your previously beloved hairstyle. But don’t let discouragement take over; powering through this phase becomes essential.

The key lies in realizing the potential of long hair. Once your locks reach their desired length, a world of hairstyle possibilities opens up. The Flowing Locks hairstyle centers around maintaining a majestic M-shaped flow at the top, giving your hair a regal crown-like appearance. Inspiration for this look stems from Aquaman and the timeless charm of Joaquin Phoenix.

This flowing and impressive hairstyle perfectly complements individuals with oval or rectangular face shapes. So, if you have the right facial structure and a penchant for majestic hair, consider embracing the allure of the Flowing Locks-Phoenix Lock Cut.

3. Original Free Fall Undercut: Unleash Your Creativity with Trendy Touch

Original free fall undercut

Unleash the boundless possibilities of undercuts and let your creativity shine through. These versatile hairstyles break all boundaries, allowing your medium-length hair to reach its full potential through experimentation. If you’ve admired Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair from his iconic romantic movies like Titanic but feel it’s a bit outdated, why not give it a trendy touch-up with an undercut?

Embrace the current trend of undercuts and the timeless allure of beards. If you have an oval face shape, the Original Free Fall Undercut could be your perfect style. Combine classic charm with contemporary flair as your imagination takes flight.

Incorporate this creative and trendy hairstyle into your look, and you’ll undoubtedly turn heads with your unique and fresh appearance. Step outside the boundaries and explore the endless possibilities of the Original Free Fall Undercut.

4. The Zayn: Unraveling Zayn Malik’s Signature Textured Haircut

The Zayn

Zayn Malik, the heartthrob of many senoritas, never fails to amaze us with his crazy and captivating hairstyles, showcasing his impeccable sense of style. Among teenagers, Zayn’s signature haircuts have become all the rage. The Zayn haircut features a simplistic yet trendy spike-up textured style, achieved through blow-drying with minimal product usage. For added texture, the sides are treated with texture spray, while the slightly slicked-back top maintains a shorter length. The result? A controlled textured cut on top paired with a funky undercut on the sides, epitomizing Zayn Malik’s iconic look.

This trendy hairstyle is suitable for various face shapes, except for rectangular ones. So, if you desire a haircut that exudes charm and uniqueness, consider embracing The Zayn and channel your inner heartthrob. Unravel the secrets of Zayn Malik’s textured haircut and add a touch of star power to your appearance!

5. The Greasy Slick Back: Embrace the Neat and Stylish Look with Wet Hair Gel

The greasy slick back

The Greasy Slick Back is a hairstyle that truly stands out from the rest. While I am not typically a fan of greasy hairstyles, this one takes the cake. Achieving this look is simple; just slick back your medium-length hair and add a touch of wet hair gel. The result is a neat, sexy, and undeniably stylish appearance that will turn heads.

However, it’s important to note that this hairstyle is not recommended for individuals with big foreheads, as it may appear extremely choppy on them. For the best results, ensure that your face shape is either triangular or square. Whether you prefer a clean-shaven look or have a beard, the Greasy Slick Back can work wonders for the right face shape.

Embrace the allure of the Greasy Slick Back and discover a new level of sophistication and style. With the right application of wet hair gel, you can achieve a polished and confident look that leaves a lasting impression. Try out this trendy hairstyle today and take your appearance to the next level!

6. The Medium Flowing Jacksparrow: Embrace Effortless Hair Flow with a Side Undercut

The medium flowing Jacksparrow

If you crave the freedom of flowing hair without the confines of a headband, the Medium Flowing Jacksparrow is the perfect choice for you. This versatile hairstyle complements any face shape, whether it’s cylindrical, triangular, or any other shape. Featuring a side undercut with texture powder on top, this look exudes style and sophistication.

The key to achieving the desired effect lies in creating ample volume in your hair. If you don’t struggle with heavy hair fall problems, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly. For superior volume and a full look, I recommend using Pete and Pedro products.

For a seamless blend, consider opting for a clean-shaven face, as it pairs exceptionally well with the Medium Flowing Jacksparrow. Embrace the effortless flow of your hair and unleash your inner Jack Sparrow with this captivating and trendy hairstyle.

Explore the versatility of the Medium Flowing Jacksparrow and make a bold statement with your hair. With the right products and styling, you’ll achieve a look that turns heads and captures attention. Try out this fantastic hairstyle and experience the joy of carefree hair flow like never before!

7. Tiger Spikes-Disconnected Highlighted Undercut: Unleash Your Sassiness with Vibrant Style

Tiger spikes-disconnected highlighted undercut

Choose from a wide array of highlighted colors, and if you have brown hair, yellow hues could be your perfect match. Even if your hair is charcoal black, the Tiger Spikes style might be just the thing for you. This medium-length spiked-up hairstyle exudes sassiness, turning you into a captivating and irresistible badass, drawing ladies to your charm.

For maintaining this edgy look, it’s essential to invest in high-quality hair products. These hairstyles require proper care and upkeep. If you have heavy hair volume and a square face shape, the Tiger Spikes-Disconnected Highlighted Undercut will perfectly accentuate your features. Pairing it with a French cut beard will elevate your style to new heights.

Embrace the vibrancy of Tiger Spikes and rock this eye-catching and trendy hairstyle with confidence. Captivate those around you with your bold and daring appearance. Don’t let anything hold you back from embracing your inner sassiness and making a lasting impression. Try out the Tiger Spikes-Disconnected Highlighted Undercut and set your style apart from the crowd!

8. Long Messy Quiff Cut: Embrace the Popular and Trendy Style

Long messy quiff cut

The Long Messy Quiff Cut is undeniably popular and incredibly trendy. While it may require some effort to maintain, there’s no denying its charm. Once you master the basics, there’s no stopping you from rocking this stylish look. In fact, another hairstylist highlights this hairstyle as one of his favorites in his article on Macho Hairstyles, urging readers to “be trendy in this year.”

Embrace the versatility of the Long Messy Quiff Cut, and you’ll surely make a statement with your hair. While a beard is optional, pairing it with the right facial hair can add a touch of rugged sophistication to your appearance.

With this popular and trendy hairstyle, you’ll exude confidence and style effortlessly. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the compliments that come your way. Try out the Long Messy Quiff Cut and set new trends with your fashionable and carefree look.

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9. The Upper Man Bun: Achieve a Neat and Trendy Look with Long Hair

The Upper Man Bun

The Upper Man Bun holds a special place among my favorite hairstyles. I am currently growing my hair out to recreate the same look I had a few years ago before cutting them. What makes this hairstyle truly remarkable is its versatility; it complements any hair shape and is perfect for those with long hair. Long hair suits a variety of face shapes, making it an ideal choice for many.

To achieve the stylish Man Bun, you’ll need to grow your hair out over a few months. Depending on your preference, you can create the bun on the top or the bottom of the back of your head. Whichever way you choose, the result is nothing short of amazing—a neat and trendy appearance that exudes confidence.

For an added touch of sophistication, a beard is strongly recommended. Embrace the charm of the Upper Man Bun and elevate your style game effortlessly. With this versatile and fashionable hairstyle, you’ll stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement. Try out the Upper Man Bun and enjoy the admiration it brings your way!

10. The Modern Messi: Embrace the Trendy Blowdried Highlighted Hairstyle

The Modern Messi

Lionel Messi, the legendary footballer, is not only known for his skills on the field but also for his amazing hairstyles. While he experimented with long hair in the past, it didn’t quite suit him. However, a couple of years ago, he unveiled an insane beard and a new hairstyle that looked incredibly good and remains trendy to this day.

The Modern Messi hairstyle is a blowdried highlighted masterpiece. Messi achieves this look by using hairspray to keep it upright and adding texture spray and hair wax to maintain the stylish spikes. For those seeking a complete transformation, a beard is recommended but remains optional.

Embrace the charm of the Modern Messi and unleash your inner football legend. With this trendy and well-maintained hairstyle, you’ll turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Lionel Messi and rock this fashionable look with confidence. Try out the Modern Messi hairstyle and discover the magic it adds to your overall appearance!

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11. Messy Slick-Back: Embrace Effortless Style with a Messy Twist

Messy Slick-back

Slicking back hair can be a hassle, but don’t worry; there’s a trendy alternative – the Messy Slick-Back. Achieving this stylish look is a breeze. Simply blow dry your hair with wax still in them, then apply some hard hair cream and let your locks naturally fall into a messy yet sleek appearance.

Whether you choose to rock a beard or not, the Messy Slick-Back hairstyle looks absolutely stunning. Embrace the charm of this effortless and fashionable look, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

Experience the ease of creating this unique style and enjoy the compliments that follow. The Messy Slick-Back is a perfect choice for those seeking a laid-back yet sophisticated look. Try out this fantastic hairstyle and elevate your style game with a touch of messiness and a whole lot of flair!

12. Combover: Achieve Simple Elegance with Good Hair Products

The Combover is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that can work wonders with the right hair products. Applying some hair gel will give you a neat and polished look. The sides of the hair are cut with clean, small cuts, resembling a military cut in many ways. However, what sets it apart is the longer hair on the top, which is slicked diagonally backwards, adding a touch of style to its simplicity.

Embrace the perfect blend of style and simplicity with the Combover. It’s a versatile and timeless hairstyle that will leave you looking effortlessly polished. Ideal face shapes for this hairstyle include Oval and square, making it suitable for a variety of individuals.

Discover the beauty of the Combover and elevate your appearance with this classic and refined hairstyle. With the right hair products and a few simple steps, you’ll achieve a look that exudes confidence and sophistication. Try out the Combover and enjoy the compliments that come your way!

13. High Volume Slick Puff: Achieve Voluminous Style for Oblong Faces

High Volume Slick Puff

Men with oblong faces seeking voluminous hair on top can opt for the High Volume Slick Puff hairstyle. This look requires ample hair products to maintain its impressive volume. The most fascinating aspect of this hairstyle is that blow-drying is unnecessary. Instead, a good hair cream can work wonders to achieve the desired effect.

For those sporting this stylish look, a three-day shave is recommended to complement the High Volume Slick Puff hairstyle perfectly.

Embrace the allure of voluminous hair with the High Volume Slick Puff and make a statement with your trendy appearance. With the right products and a little effort, you can achieve a look that exudes confidence and sophistication. Try out the High Volume Slick Puff and enjoy the benefits of a chic and effortless style that accentuates your oblong face shape flawlessly.

14. The Jackman: Embrace the Popular Messy Haircut with Beard Bliss

The Jackman

The Jackman haircut is another incredibly popular messy hairstyle that has taken the world by storm. To achieve this gratifying look, you’ll need a beard to complement it perfectly. With just a bit of blow-drying in either direction and some hair spray, ta-da! You’ll unveil the stylish Jackman haircut that’s sure to turn heads.

However, it’s essential to ensure your stylist knows what they’re doing. Be cautious not to cut too much on the sides, as the hair on top relies on the support of the sides to stand up the way you desire. By keeping the right balance, you’ll achieve the ideal messy and charming appearance.

Notably, individuals with rectangular or square faces can rock this hairstyle with confidence. The Jackman haircut perfectly complements these face shapes, adding a touch of rugged allure.

Embrace the trendiness of the Jackman haircut, and you’ll enjoy a chic and effortless style that will elevate your appearance to new heights. Pair it with a beard, and you’ll achieve beard bliss, showcasing your fashionable and charismatic personality. Try out the Jackman haircut and make a bold statement with your trendy and well-groomed look!

15. Silver Haired Devil: Embrace the Romantic Vampire Look Inspired by Lee ChaolanSilver Haired Devil

The Silver Haired Devil hairstyle, inspired by Lee Chaolan, is perfect for anyone yearning for a proper romantic vampire appearance. Achieving this captivating look is relatively simple. The hair undergoes a keratin treatment and straightening process before being dyed a stunning silver color, reminiscent of anime characters.

This unique hairstyle is best suited for individuals with small faces, as it allows the hair to stand out and make a bold statement. To maintain the desired volume, keeping your hair well-kempt and adding hair powder can work wonders.

For a slightly feminine touch, a clean shave is recommended, adding to the allure of the Silver Haired Devil.

Embrace the charm of this anime-inspired hairstyle and indulge in the romantic vampire look. With the right treatment and styling, you’ll achieve a mesmerizing and trendy appearance that sets you apart from the crowd. Try out the Silver Haired Devil and channel your inner Lee Chaolan with confidence and flair!

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16. The Jin Kazama: Embrace the Trendy Centre-Parted Hairstyle Inspired by Tekken Character

The Jin Kazama

The Jin Kazama hairstyle takes inspiration from the popular Tekken Character and has been trending in Japan since 2018. This stylish look features simple and center-parted hair, adding to its allure. The medium length of the hair allows for great texture details, achieved by using an ample amount of hair spray and styling with a straightener. For optimal results, hair rebonding is recommended.

To complement this trendy hairstyle, a clean shave is the ideal choice. The Jin Kazama hairstyle best suits individuals with small faces, oval, or triangular face shapes, as it allows the hair to stand out and accentuate the features.

Embrace the charm of the Jin Kazama hairstyle and channel your inner Tekken character with confidence. With the right styling and care, you’ll achieve a mesmerizing and fashionable appearance that sets you apart from the crowd. Try out the Jin Kazama hairstyle and rock this trendy look like a true trendsetter!

17. The ScreaM: Achieve the Iconic Esports Look Inspired by Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom

The ScreaM: They talk about my one taps-look

For those unfamiliar with Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, he is a renowned Belgian Counter-Strike professional and Streamer. His hairstyle has become one of the most iconic looks in the history of esports. With blow-dried hair and heavy volume on top, the hairstyle features diagonally spiked back hair and the same hair spiked frontwards, creating a symmetrical and incredibly stylish appearance.

The ScreaM hairstyle is a perfect choice for individuals with oval and circular face shapes. It exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a trendy option for those seeking a bold and fashionable look.

However, individuals with cylindrical faces may not find it as flattering, as the style may not complement their facial features as well.

Embrace the allure of The ScreaM and achieve the iconic esports look with confidence and flair. With the right styling and care, you’ll showcase an incredible amount of style and leave a lasting impression. Try out The ScreaM hairstyle and enjoy the compliments that come your way, inspired by the one-tap master himself!

18. Curly Alpha-Long: Embrace the Messy and Trendy Alpha Look
Curly alpha-long

An alpha haircut typically features clean and neatly slicked hair. However, the Curly Alpha-Long is a refreshing take on this style, specifically tailored for our brothers with messy curly hair. To achieve this trendy look, simply grow out your curly locks and let them flow naturally, embracing their unique texture.

The Curly Alpha-Long is a versatile hairstyle that complements any face shape, making it a great option for men with different facial features.

Embrace the allure of the Curly Alpha-Long and unleash your alpha charisma with confidence. Let your curly hair take center stage, showcasing a bold and stylish appearance. Try out this messy and trendy hairstyle and enjoy the freedom it offers, allowing your natural curls to do their thing and make a statement wherever you go.

19. The Side Spike-Falling Cut: Embrace Shahid Kapoor’s Trendy Hairstyle

The side spike-falling cut

Shahid Kapoor effortlessly rocks the Side Spike-Falling Cut with a slight spike on the right side and left-parted hair flowing gracefully downwards, reminiscent of the emo style. The incredible volume in his hair adds to the allure of this trendy haircut, making it a perfect choice for individuals with similar hair types.

To achieve this stylish look, apply some hair cream to create the desired spikes and flow. Pairing it with a beard will enhance the overall appeal, adding a touch of rugged charm.

The Side Spike-Falling Cut best suits individuals with oval or triangular faces, especially those with strong jaws, as it complements their facial features flawlessly.

Embrace the charm of this trendy and versatile hairstyle, inspired by Shahid Kapoor’s impeccable style. With a little effort and the right styling, you’ll achieve a look that exudes confidence and sophistication. Try out The Side Spike-Falling Cut and make a bold statement with your fashionable and well-groomed appearance!

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20. Korean Flowing-Side-Lock Man Bun: Embrace the Anime-Inspired Trend with a Medieval Twist
Korean flowing-Side-lock man bun

The Korean Flowing-Side-Lock Man Bun is a captivating hybrid hairstyle that combines a regular man bun tied at the center of the back of the head with anime-inspired side locks flowing down. This unique combination creates a look reminiscent of the medieval/romantic French style from the 1700s. With its trendy appeal, this hairstyle is particularly popular in modern-day Europe.

Individuals with oval and circular faces will find this style particularly appealing, as it complements their facial features beautifully.

Discover the allure of the Korean Flowing-Side-Lock Man Bun and embrace the blend of contemporary and historical influences. With this trendy and versatile hairstyle, you’ll make a bold statement with your fashionable and well-groomed appearance.

This article presented a collection of many amazing hairstyles that are currently trending worldwide. While these styles are fantastic, remember to choose one that suits your face shape and never hesitate to experiment. Stay trendy and stylish while balancing the demands of work and life, just as the French saying goes, “N’oublie pas de Vivre” – Don’t forget to live. Try out these incredible hairstyles and discover the one that perfectly expresses your personality and unique sense of style!

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