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General Proficiency: How Much Weightage It Holds In Professional Courses

General Proficiency, at its base refers to the ethics of a person regarding his/her dealings with their work environment. It is very important to understand what the terms ‘General Proficiency’ means before coming to a conclusion about its positive as well as negative impacts.

All the universities and professional sectors in India, along with the entire professional and work knowledge have put a great importance on one’s general proficiency, that is, their morals and ethics regarding the society, the firm as well as their integrity towards the mentioned above. This is so because everyone expects the work environment to be positive and very well taken care of, under all sorts of circumstances. Professionals are looking for employees with good moral standard and high social consciousness to be dealing with the day to day chaos with proper working attitude.

This is also important for a student’s or employee’s sincere feedback towards the given institute. All in all, general proficiency has become a mandatory part of almost all sorts of institute.

With all the mentioned facts, it is also important to state that as these general Proficiency tests have taken a vital part of the universities in India, it is as important to state that because of this, many deserving candidates lose their seats and their jobs. As important as it is to have proper work ethics, it is no surprise that with proper training and counseling, these work ethics can be very well developed within no time. On the contrary, that’s something that has been going on in the professional industries for a very long time.

Every industry demands a hard working and a loyal employee and for that, they used to create workshops for their proper counseling. This new system of general proficiency tests has made it hard to get into the working sector in India.

As a young adult leaves their college, they are mostly desperate for jobs, they go job hunting, spend days and sleepless nights in order to do so and when they finally get the job they think they could survive, a little breaker names ‘general proficient’ hits in and then all their hard work go in vain.

As important it is for a young adult to have good social norms, it is not a big deal even if they do no clear these general proficiency tests with very great marks. As the case goes with other exams; it only highlights a person’s ability to learn and according to that, no test can prove a person’s moral standards or how true they are going to be in their professional lives.

These tests can very well be highly biased depending upon a person’s mother tongue, for example, how fair would it be if the general proficiency test is given by English speaker and non English speakers; no matter how much more had working the non English speaker is than the English speaker, the test will prove the English speaker to be more eligible than the later. Similarly, different grounds, different religion, castes, and their former education can be very deceiving during such tests for their professional lives.

All in all, these general proficiencies aren’t as needed as they are demanded by the universities in India. For the following reasons:

  • They can highly biased based on a person’s language, caste and former educations.
  • These tests can’t actually prove a person’s working ethics. As a student prepares for any other competitive exam so will be done for these General Proficiency tests.
  • The accuracy of such tests is only based upon the system of calculations, whether it is the number of correct answers marked or the types with the negative marking system.
  • It also very vastly differs on the ground that a person is being taught on. Any student might just lose his/her seat due to unavailability of proper educational sources no matter how morally positive that student is. They will solely be judged on their results.
  • The system of ascertaining a person’s general proficiency through a test is a mere hitch on the course to make it difficult and student more hard working for the upcoming future. Though this is for the better of everything and everyone but then again, for the past decades, industries always insist their newest employees to join their initial, ethical workshop to let them what it is that is expected out of them. A test shouldn’t be conducted for the reasons that wouldn’t take much only as much effort to solve.
  • Lastly, general proficiency is good only as long as it is a subject, it shouldn’t be the last thing to judge a student’s place in an industry or the work force.

So, to conclude the facts; general proficiency isn’t as important as the universities in India project it to be. It solely depends from person to person, depending upon their upbringing and their mental status to cope up with the day to day situations and problems. It isn’t important that every person who is good in the subject as long as it is theoretical that he/she will be as good in the real world outside.