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How To Cope Up With The Loss You Have Experienced In A Relation

Breakup wallpaper for girlWhen you love someone, it’s Forever. When you care for someone, it’s Forever. Eventually you anticipate it to last forever. But Forever’s are not meant to remain forever. Your dreams get shattered, hopes gets broken and your love reciprocates to the feeling of Hatred and that’s the after-effect’s of BREAKUP. Post Breakup You feel lonely, traumatized and moreover guilty as hell for letting the person take you for Granted. Overcoming Breakup is the biggest challenge depending on how you hold the situation. So let’s go through some of the best and proved ways to overcome Breakup. If not completely but to such an extent that the effects of it eventually slows down.

1. Block ThemFacebook block option

BLOCK THEM Yeah! That’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t in any way think that posting depressing post or uploading heart wrenching photos will do any good to you.Remember that they have gone from never coming back. So instead of waiting for them to come back show them that you have also marked them out of your life the way they did. Block them in every possible way that you can from social media sites, from your contact list and possibly from your Mind and Heart too. You wouldn’t want yourself secretly investigating on them by visiting their profile or calling them from a random number’s that will only make you feel guilty later.

2. Re-call Reasons For Not Being With Them

Break up photosRather than imagining yourself with them make a list of all those thing that you completely loathed about them. Any annoying habits, abusive language, weird eating habit, insensitivity etc. Bringing out the worst in them will only bring out the good in you that will make you fell better about yourself. Summon up information and think again if you were incompatible for them, they too were incompatible to you in some or other way. Don’t let them get high on your nerves.

3. Get Yourself Busy

Friends gathering timeIndulge yourself in different activities. Do something that gets you fully involved in the affair. You don’t want yourself to start memorizing the moments spend together, but you will indeed if you will not put it away forcefully. Spend time outside with supportive people who can calm you down with soothing words or call your best friend to stay with you for some time or else if you prefer being alone, then help yourself with loaded works or maybe join a hobby class that will develop a chance for you to know the world better and will keep you away from negative thoughts.

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4. Remove Their Belonging

breakup returning belongings Every Gift, every letter, every rose and chocolate wrapper that you have been keeping with you for so long, throw them. It’s high time now, you will have to overcome their memories, but you never can if you keep those stuffs with you. Feeling the pain and agony again and again that gets back when you see those things. The whole idea is to trash their stuffs to bin or else return it back.



5. Don’t Lose Hope

Life-Quotes-35786-statusmind.comIt is said that whatever bad happens, it happens for good. It’s possible that you deserve the best out of life. Someone definitely better than them who will take all your pain and sufferings once they enter your worlds.Someone that will make you forget every bad situation and wishes to create good ones with you. Patience is the Key. Now that you have learned about people don’t let another nerd do the same with you.

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