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How to Dress Better When You Don’t Know How To: Tips and Looks

Whatever men or even women say seems good in theory. When you look into the depth of what goes into fashion or style, you find out more than a method to look pretty, fashion is a way to appear smart, presentable and express yourself. It something more than just to titillate men or a method for men to show they are gay.

Fashion is a prime example of the constant between an individual and society. Society deems neon on neon bad. You might like how it look. But we are not here to write an essay on this battle.

We are here to tell you how can melt yourself to the needs of society. Trap yourself yet still express yourself in ways which will at least lend you some amount of happiness. You can wear one neon piece and a neutral piece. This will be a subtle middle finger to the society. Here are many more ways!

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After all, fashion has always been a prime method to rebel against society.

1. Look at your wardrobe

Look at your wardrobe and sort to your clothes. Lay out the pieces you love, pieces you wear and those which you do not. Create combinations of these clothing. Step back to inspect what combinations you have created. See if you lean towards any particular style such as bohemian, rock, chic, punk, vintage, geek, high street or whatever. Question yourself on why you like only these items or features. After you have decided, search for similar pieces.

Note the fit, texture, colour and print. Do the clothes fit you well? Is it tight in some places and baggy in others? If so where? If you lay it on some surface, does it lie flat or there is ruffle, fluff, or pleats? Is there any sort of embellishment like sequins, rhinestones or something stuck on it? Is the colour neutral like black, grey and white? Or is it bright like pink, red or neo?

Is it jewel toned like teal, emerald, blue or gold? Whether it is pastel like mint, pink, lavender and beige? See if the clothes you favour are graphic, patterned or solid? If patterned then what sort? Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, polka dots, flower prints or an animal print? If there any sort of colour block going on?

2. How do You want to Appear to Others

If you were a character in some story, what would you like people to think about you? Bubbly, friendly, broody, cute, sexy or what? Now if you are a character in the real world what would you like people to think about you? Sophisticated, daring, gentle, girly, sensible, intelligent or a tomboy? See if your clothes convey the what you want others to think about you. If you are running out of ideas you may have a look at 23 Everyday Stylish Indian Fashion Ideas For Women and Girls.

3. Fashion Archetype

  1. Classic or Professional: These people tend to lean towards neutral shades like grey, black, white, khaki with minimal decorations. They usually prefer jeans and in patterns they prefer, stripes.
  2. Bohemian: They enjoy baggier clothing with patterns such as paisley or tie dye. The go to colours for these people are brown, white, muted orange and muted yellow. They prefer earthy colours to show their love for nature.
  3. Trendy: These people know and follow the latest trends in fashion. Before the cold shoulders got famous, they wore it. They do not have a set archetype as it changes according to the latest fashion trend.
  4. Romantic: These people love sundresses or any dress which flows or have ruffles in them. For men, they love old fashioned suits and vintage attires. It can be another name for feminine style. There is lots of pink, blue, pleats, bows, ruffles, heels and laces. Let us not forget the straw hats and flower-patterned scarves.
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  5. Sporty: These people tend to wear clothes which are easy to move and are usually more practical in nature. They prefer canvas or vans to heels or sandal. Hair is most often than not tied in a pony or cut short into pixie. They prefer jogging pants to jeans, graphic T-shirts to any other and round glasses and large handbags.

4. Practicality

Do not forget that these clothes should be practical in nature. Think and consider your lifestyle. Since you are probably gonna wear your clothes during work, keep them in mind. A student should wear something he is comfortable yet also smart as opposed to a plumber who will wear something he does not getting dirty and is old. Consider things like occupation, errands, people around, event and etc.

5. Surf the Web

Surf online for some inspiration. Pinterest is your one way stop for these items but it is better to search websites for same interest as yours. They can help you learn how to style a particular item, how to use the colour wheel and find a style which you love. On Pinterest, you can find and pin (or save) images to your pinboard. When you find something you like, contemplate on what turns you on about it. Question yourself on whether you like it because of the colour, fit, cut, whether you are attracted by what it stands for (like glamour, feminism, nature etc) or the way the outfit was put together. In addition to that here the Six Essential Things Every Girl Should Own in Their Wardrobe.

6. Go to Malls

Hang out at malls or shops that attract you. You need not buy something, just look around and notice the mannequins or clothes in general. Ask an employee to find pieces you might like. See if they are trendy, would fit your body type, work on your complexion and if it makes you look the way you want to. You may consider going out shopping with makeup on.

7. Accessorize

A great tip on accessorizing is to take one piece and center rest of your clothes around it. They make an off the rack styles unique and special. Some accessories include shoes, Jewellery, ties, scarves, gloves, belts, hats, hair ornaments, anklets, chokers etc.

8. Mix and Match

Do not limit yourself. Mix one top with different jeans if they work together. A bohemian choker can do wonders when combined with canvas shoes. Adopt and mix together various styles to find your style.

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