EducationHow to Stop Unnecessary Distractions During Studies and Work?

How to Stop Unnecessary Distractions During Studies and Work?

We all are a victim of this silent killer called distraction. No, it doesn’t kill you, but it kills your skills which believe very deadly me. You don’t want to lie useless. Right? Right.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone suffers. It is very easy to get distracted when you are working on something which is very important for you, but somehow you lose interest. Whether it is the delicious smell of brownie which your mom cooked just now or your favorite music which your bro just played in. I get it. It’s tough. But you have to somehow find a solution to this problem. Don’t worry, you reached here. Now we’ll take it further. Read below are some small things you need to take care of to solve this problem.

Lets start.

 Do Not Multitask

I know you are a superman/woman and you have enough potential to do many different tasks at the same time but you need to stop. Stop juggling things if you want to do your work efficiently. Do one thing at once, then go to the other work. If you try to do 2 things at the same time you won’t be able to do anything right. So make sure you give more time and patience to one thing at a time. This way you will cut your distractions.

Switch off the music

The best way to cut your distractions are to switch your music off. I know some people work best with music, but this is the worst distraction anyone could have. The music is awesome, I get it. It takes you to dreamland. Which leaves you distracted. You can always find time for music. Just complete your current work first.

Track your distractions

Make note of the missing moments. Track how many times you have been distracted while completing one task. Try to reduce those numbers daily.

You can take it as a challenge and try to compete with yourself. It sounds like a game.

Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate

Remember to concentrate on one task at a time. You can prioritize your works. First complete your top most priorities, then move on to the next. This way you will manage your time efficiently and you will have enough time for yourself later.

Take a break

You only get distracted either when you have overworked or something is troubling you. Whatever the case is. Go easy on yourself. Take a moment for yourself after every hour or two. You can  use this moment to relax your mind with a cup of tea or some music. Remember to go back to your work again.

 Don’t procrastinate

If you are someone who procrastinate  all the time. Then do one thing. Just push yourself to start. At least you can do is start and once you start your work you will definitely complete the work.

These were some useful tips to help you get rid of distractions. Tell us if you know  more ways  to it.

Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha
Abhilasha Sinha is a student at St. Xavier's College of Management & Technology. She is an active Theater Artist at Xavier's Theater Club (Patna) & have performed many Nukar Natak for Hunger Free India. She is passionate writer and has written many poetry on her personal blog. Instagram: abhilasha_sinha069 Twitter: @Abhilasha0Sinha

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