LifeStyleHealthIts 21st Century: Are you still afraid to talk about Mental Health?

Its 21st Century: Are you still afraid to talk about Mental Health?

Mental health has always been a massive topic and a taboo to discuss since generations. People are now opening up about this significant issue a bit, but the progress is plodding. The fear of judgement and lack of acceptance has always been the most significant barrier for the people to speak their minds out. It was a time when a simple step– like seeking professional help for the mental health warriors, was a matter of shame as the society used to mock them. These patients were misunderstood and misused, as well.

Who is a Mental Health Warrior?

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Being a mental health warrior means choking inside every single moment but keeping a smile on the face, it knows how to smile forcibly, it is mastering the art of living while dying every single day. It is pushing yourself through your own created hurdles; it is fighting with your thoughts; it is trying to win the war with yourself in your virtual reality. It is the journey of a blindfolded person who lost his way in a foggy dark forest full of ferocious leopards. It’s something the world never perceives but the most significant priority for someone who is trying to win a war with the so-called “it is all in your head” thing. There has been lots of challenging things in society one of them is Women And Child Health: Why It Is More Challenging Factor In India?

Being a mental health warrior means getting torn in festive days when others are enjoying. The person who undergoes only understands the pain and the person whose loved one is a mental health warrior, to some extent, knows the immense suffering of bearing it.

Before I dive deep into this topic, I would like you to ask yourself a question. Answer yourself honestly. Till date, how much time did you spend to think about your mental health? There are pretty much lovely topics and conversations you carry on with your peers, family and the people surrounding you. Is there a single person with whom you seriously talk about your mental or emotional health? Is the institution under which you are studying or working with ever focuses on your mental health? How many acting workshops have you participated which talk about our mental health and spread awareness? In a nutshell, have you ever nourished your mental health or received any form of emotional nourishment for yourself?

Pretty much every human being goes through immense struggles. In this stressful life, everyone needs nourishment for their mental health. The saddest part is, its 21st century, but the stigma about mental health is prevalent still now. We fear to talk about it, its still a taboo for maximum people. People do not understand about mental health that much and it feels awkward for the person who is suffering from mental health issues to explain about the condition they are going through. These people only need a little support which is also not available to maximum people out there. Mental health warriors are being avoided by society, turned down and looked down upon. They are often criticised and accused of being overdramatic and attention seekers. This needs to stop; otherwise, these group of people will get shattered, and we genuinely need to embrace these people forever. There are lots of things that you can do by yourself to improve your life and one such is Love Just Loves: Heal Yourself With The Practice Of Self-Love.

Often you can explain to others about the physical illness you are suffering from, but in case of mental health, it’s hard to explain to people. It’s easy to say that “I had a bad headache” rather than saying that “I had an emotional outburst due to my depression.”

In the case of the children or young adults who have abusive parents or immediate family members who mentally or physically harass them, creates a considerable amount of emotional trauma leading to severe issues for their mental health. People often judge these children by thinking that they are lying about their condition. They are being disobedient or its just the parenting style of their respective families and that the children are often talking ill about their families because they are not being given the freedom or material possession they have been asking for, but that is not correct. The fear of getting scolded and misunderstood often ruins their childhood and destroys their mental health and all the other aspects of life-related to that. This needs to stop soon, its high time that we realise how mental health is essential for every single person and how it affects all sectors of our lives.

Few tips that you should follow throughout your life:

  1. Release: Releasing your emotional burdens are necessary for life. The more you hold on to and resist yourself from releasing it, the dangerous it becomes.
  2. Talk to trusted people: Often, we are so in pain that we share things randomly with anyone, which in turn creates chaos. To avoid such a situation, we should talk to someone trustworthy. Sometimes people whom we think we can trust are often the ones to cheat us by leaking all our confidential information and creating a mess in our life. These situations become too sensitive, so we should be cautious about the data we share with. The best way to avoid such situation is to talk to a counsellor or someone who can give you a suggestion from a neutral perspective. Professional people are unbiased and will never leak your personal information.
  3. Seek out professional help: Sometimes, situations go out of control, especially mental health which cannot be understood that well. To gain clarity about the situation you are going through, to get a solution to your problem and cure your mental health issues, it’s indispensable to talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist.
  4. Read motivational books and watch motivational videos. This often helps you to remain motivated and drag yourself from the situation you are going through.
  5. Join support groups in social media: Talking to other mental health warriors in these groups will help you to come out from this situation. People going through similar life situations often come together and create massive changes in each other’s lives. Avoid the toxic people and surround yourself with positive people, sometimes it heals significant problems in life.

I hope one day comes when people can trust each other, hug each other with passion and unconditional love. I hope a day comes when there is unconditional acceptance among everyone, no matter whatever the person is going through. Life is beautiful, no matter how much you struggled, you should be grateful for the fact that you can reverse this condition, heal yourself and live life once again. It’s your life, and you have to embrace it wholeheartedly. Healing is a roller coaster ride, but I promise you it will be achieved very soon with the correct people in your life and consulting professional. Always everything cannot be done alone.

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Sometimes you need professional support when you do not understand what you are going through in life. To gain clarity about yourself and your experience, you need someone to help you go ahead in life. Always remember your diagnosis does not define you; you are not alone; we are together in this. Have a lovely day ahead and take care of your mental health.

Ishita Biswas
Ishita Biswas
Hello , I am a certified life coach, to be Psychologist , a content creator and I love to help people heal themselves. Sending you lots of healing vibes ! #Peace

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