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Preparing for an Interview? Here are Quick Guide for Job Interview Questions!

Quick Guide Sample job Interview Questions One has to be prepared with these questions before attending any job interview!

Job Interview is such kind of a conversation where some people feel nervous and some feel too confident. Firstly, before going for a job interview be prepared, confident, be aware of some political/social issues going on in the country, it is must to be aware of some basic General Knowledge.

Getting job is not a hard part, but having an impressive and convincing interview is the hard part of all. So, here’s a quick guide with a quick guide sample job interview questions which will make you prepare for the Job Interview.

Here are few question which are commonly asked by the interviewer:

1 Who are you?

This is the very first question which is asked by the interviewer. Here in this question they are asking you about “You”. They are asking you to define yourself, What is your name, How old are you? What is your hobby and much more. They can ask the same question differently; they may ask you to define yourself in just few sentence or words. It may happen that they are just looking forward to know any particular thing about you. So here, one should tell the interviewer about him or her, mentioning his or her name, age, hobbies, and other things. Remember always start your name, do not just tell your name, one should always tell full name( i.e name along with the surname).

Remember, this is going to be the first question, so you have to be confident and prepared for the second and other questions. If you will start great then it will have a good end. Make sure to start the conversation  by greeting, you can wish them Good morning , good afternoon. Seek permission, before getting into the interview room. This will show up your good etiquette and body language.

What not to do? Don’t go in a bad mood. Don’t be aggressive, be Polite. Do not plan to go for interview un groomed, because personality defines so much.

2. Tell us about your family/family background and marital status?

Here the conversation is not about you, it is about your family, family members. Tell the interviewer about your family, how many members are there in your family what they do? If you have any sibling then tell about their educational qualification, if parents are working tell about their occupation. If you are married tell that you are married, & if you have children also share about it.

What not to do? Do not share false information

3. Do you have any past work experience? OR Have worked for any other company before?

This is going to be the actual start of an interview. This question is a call to you, asking you about your work preferences, experiences and gained knowledge. If you have worked previously in some other work place then tell the interviewer about your previous work, your work profile — What work was assigned to you there. Also, if you have left you job for any reason, tell the true reason behind leaving the job. Because, the interviewer may cross check you by having a conversation to the company you have worked for in the past, they may ask the company about your job role, capabilities and performances. So, telling a lie or a false reason would be a risk.

4. Do you have any plan for getting married or having children?

This is the question which is mostly been asked to women who are seeking for the job in their middle age. This is asked to know about your future plans, this may help the company to know what you are planning in your personal life, the question just arise to meet the future necessities of the company. For e.g, If you are planning to get married sooner, and company is offering you an international job work, or a transfer then what you will do, would your family things will affect the work and it’s terms. So, the question has nothing to do with your personal life, but it is related to your professional work life.

5. What is your career goal?

Now this is the question, Where you have to share your goals in your career. You don’t have to tell about present it has thing to do with your future achievements. Where you can see yourself in 5 years. What are you planning to achieve from your work, and how you are going to work for the achievement of your goal. The question may arise where the interviewer ask you how working with our company will help you to achieve your goal. Here you can describe about it, by telling what are you seeking to achieve by working on this platform and can share how it is going to be beneficial for company too.

What not to do? Do not relate your career goals to your personal life goals. Understand the question the interviewer is asking you about you professional career goals.

6. Why company should appoint you for the particular job role or position?

Express your abilities, your skills, specify about how you are going to be helpful and the right choice for the company. Describe what all things you can do for the company. Why selecting you would be the best? Prove yourself and your abilities here. If there is any particular skill company is looking for in the employee and if you are good at it, then it is going to be the best point, do tell them about this.

What not to do? First of all, Be Patient, Be Calm & Confident, Do not loose your confidence, Boost your motivation, Do not shiver or panic it will show up your fear.

Do not give false commitment, it is the very important thing one should take care for. Just be true to your work and capabilities, “Nothing is Lesser”.

7. How much salary do you expect?

Expected salary is always asked in any of the job interviews. One should not specify any random figure for salary. This will show you up as a greedy person, who is working for the sake of money only. Always remember if you work with passion and good energy it is going to give you a fruitful result. You can conclude your work, your working time and some related factors and you can share your expected salary saying this is the earning you expect to reach in future and you can work for it doing your best!

Company may ask you to confront your strong and weaker points.