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Programming, Designing, Database, AI and Network security which has more scope in India?

Information technology, Artificial intelligence, e-commerce and cybersecurity is a booming sector and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Be it national or the international educational institutions and universities have started more of the computer and programming based courses and certification to meet the future needs of the programmers and developers.

Today, Professional success, certificate course or diploma course can be achieved in some fields of IT, and their dominance will not end in the future also as the requirement Programming, Designing, Database, AI and Network security is at its peak.

Programming Career

Programming Career

What Does Programming Mean?

Computer programming languages ​​allow users to instruct the computer in a language that the computer understands.

Just like we have so many languages ​​among humans to speak, write, and understand, similarly, there are also many types of computer programming languages ​​so that they communicate with the computer. You may also know that the part of the language that the computer understands is called “binary”.

The programming language that is converted to binary is called “compiling”. All languages, whether it is C language or Python, all have their own distinct features, although with this they also have many similarities. Also, see Which Programming Language Has More Scope And Future In India?

Programming Career Future Scope

No programming language can survive in the market forever, and new programming language keeps coming in changing times. Companies keep searching for new languages as per their convenience.

But all programming languages have a similarity of more than 50%. So, if you learn any one programming language, you do not have to work hard to learn another.

Now the question is which programming language to choose? It depends on what you are thinking of doing right now, like-

  • Java or Kotlin for making Android apps,
  • Swift or Objective-C for ios,
  • Flutter or React Native for Hybrid,
  • PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS for web development, and
  • Python is quite popular for A.I.

No one language can support you for a lifetime. In this rapidly changing market, if one thing will support you for a lifetime, it is your skill to learn, not any particular subject.

As India is advancing rapidly in the digital arena, consequently the scope of programming languages is also increasing. Job opportunities for students doing computer programming are limitless. Hence, it is said that even the students who take this course can never remain unemployed.

Salary in Programming Career

The salaries in this profession are handsome and amazing. Despite the fierce competition, students can earn millions in the country and abroad through their ability and hard work. Students get 8,000-15,000 per month salary easily during their training. 30,000 to 40,000 per month salary can be expected after completing the course. As proficiency in the work of professionals increases, the salary also increases. Based on 5-6 years of experience, professionals can earn quite well on their own merit. Therefore, there is no shortage of Salary in this profession. There is no monetary limit for cyber cafes, freelancers, entrepreneurs, engineers, etc.

Required Education For Programmer

  • BSc C.S.- Bachelor of Computer Science
  • BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • I.T.- Bachelor of Information Technology

To become a computer programmer, you need to do a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. You can learn programming under many courses, like BSC CS, BCA, I.T., etc. Under these courses, you can become a good computer programmer, but for this, you have to study diligently, pay attention to every little thing so that there is nothing left behind.

Various Computer Programming Courses

  • Computer Architecture Course- Computer architecture covers system design, machine language and organization of computers at their most basic level.
  • Computer Programming Introductory Course- Students in this course learn to design software using large code and patterns, integrated design, debuggers, system build tools, and code re-factoring, among other topics are GUI, multi-threading, client-server. There is also networking and event-driven programming.
  • Operating System Course- Computer Science students are taught the fundamentals of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Topics include operating systems, synchronization, concurrency, scheduling, virtual memory, paging, devices, Security and development of files included.
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course- A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is a path through which we can build “thinking computers”, computer control robots, who can think like us. A.I. is a language of computer science, which deals with the creation and study of computer systems.

Top Companies in India

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Wipro Limited
  • Infosys Limited
  • HCL Technologies Limited
  • Satyam Computers Services Limited
  • Tech Mahindra Limited
  • Mphasis Limited
  • Patni Computer Systems
  • Oracle Financial Services Software Limited
  • 3i Infotech Limited

Overall Success & Job Opportunity– 10 / 10

Designing Career

Designing Career

We will focus on Web Designing and Graphic Designing.

What Does Web Designing Mean?

Web designing is the process of creating an online page, under which any company creates its own web page or website. Earlier, only publishing houses and news agencies used to make their own websites, but due to people being net friendly, now small firms are also making their own websites. Web designing is a small part of the multi-media course, in which designing web pages is taught. You might also be interested in the Best Online Business Ideas That You Can Start In India.

What Does Graphic Designing Mean?

Graphic design is a vast and exciting field. The graphic designer’s job is to make the program attractive. Graphic design is the art in which a message is delivered to people effectively by text and graphic. This message can be in graphics, logo, brochure, newsletter, poster or any form using the Internet.

Web Designing Career Future Scope

Today, when everything has gone online, there is a proper scope for web and graphic designers. Apart from Hindi, English, Publication, News channels, there is a lot of employment opportunities in designing, so you will not have to wander for employment after learning a course in web designing. In the coming days, Designing related opportunities are going to increase very rapidly.

Freelancing opportunities

If you do not want to work in a firm, you can earn money sitting at home. Today every small firm makes its own site or wants to make a creative logo for its firm. In such a situation, there are excellent earning options for freelancers. There is a good price for designing a page or graphics. Sometimes you can earn according to you.

Salary in Web Designing Career

Salary in Web Designing: 30 thousand to 50 thousand per month.
Salary in Graphic Designing: 25- 40 thousand per month.

Required Education For Designing

You can take certificate courses, diploma courses or bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in designing field.

Required Skills in Designing

You are not required to be a graduate or postgraduate to take a web designing course. You can do this course even after the 10th and 12th. For this, apart from just basic knowledge of computers, three things are needed, interest, creativity and designing sense, because it is a work of creativity. The stronger your imagination and creativity, the better you will be able to create a web page. Variety is needed in web designing, so interest and imagination is an important qualification. Without them, no matter how good a course you may take from the institute, you cannot become a good web designer. These same skills also required for graphic design.

Top Companies in India

  • Tata Elxsi
  • Universal Designovation Lab
  • Ticket Design
  • Fisheye
  • Design Directions
  • Leaf Design
  • Think Design
  • Unlike Design Co.
  • Design Atelier
  • Zatun

Courses you should learn

A course of web or graphic designing requires the following information:

  • DTP Operating
  • Photoshop
  • Animation

Overall Success & Job Opportunity– 9 / 10

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Career

Artificial Intelligence (ai) Career

What Does A.I. Mean?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is an area of computer science. It involves making machines that work like humans. They perform well for intelligent machine planning, speech recognition, learning, and problem-solving. Siri is an excellent example of artificial intelligence.

A.I. Career Future Scope

According to a report by NASSCOM and FICCI, due to artificial intelligence, the technological expansion will be promoted in some major industrial and service sectors of India. Artificial intelligence will create a large number of jobs in I.T., retail, finance, textile, and auto sectors. Some people believe that artificial intelligence will reduce the need for employees. Still, in the opinion of experts, the increasing use of artificial intelligence will increase the need for such people to handle these machines as well as manufacture them.

According to a report by Gartner, by the year 2020, more than 2 million new jobs will emerge in the Artificial Intelligence sector.

Salary in A.I. Career

Entry-Level Salary- Rs 6 lakhs per annum
Professionals Salary- 14.3 lakhs per annum

Required Education For A.I.

If you want to make a career in Artificial Intelligence, then you should study Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Psychology. Also, learning some primary programming languages will also be beneficial.

Best Institute to Learn the Course

IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, ISI Kolkata, University of Hyderabad and IISc Bangalore.

Various Job Posts Under A.I.

  • Computer Scientist,
  • Game Programmer,
  • Software Engineer, and
  • Robotic Scientist

Top Companies in India

  • Softweb Solutions
  • Sigma Data Systems
  • Day One Technologies
  • ThirdEye Data
  • Talentica Software India Pvt. Ltd
  • Icreon
  • Algoscale Technologies, Inc.
  • Accubits Technologies Inc
  • SynapseIndia
  • Knoldus Inc.

Overall Success & Job Opportunity– 10 / 10

Network / Cyber Security Career

Network Or Cyber Security Career

What Does Cyber Security Mean?

Our increasing dependence on computers, the Internet and networks have given rise to a considerable employment sector called Cyber ​​Security. Today, all types of companies and institutions, whether private or government, have their own confidential information and data stored in computers, which are related to the fields of business, scientific research, education, etc. In such a situation, there is a huge demand in these companies for people who have a deep understanding of software, servers, networks, and protocols and who know about information security and ethical hacking.

Cyber Security Career Future Scope

Today, no work is possible without technology. While technology has made many tasks more comfortable, at the same time, it has also increased much cybercrime. To deal with these, a large number of professionals will be needed in the market. According to the NESCOM report in 2016, by 2025, there is a need for 1 million cybersecurity professionals in the country. That is, for the next 10 years, there will be 1 lakh job in this sector every year.

Salary in Cyber Security Career

In this field, freshers get a salary package of at least 4 to 5 lakhs.

Required Education For Cyber Security

By the way, special degree courses are offered in cybersecurity. But to make a career in this field, specialization in cybersecurity and forensics along with B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering will also help a lot.

Required Skills in Cyber Security

There are many specializations in the cybersecurity sector. If you want to get into data security, then communication and data transfer should be fine-tuned. Knowledge of software design, design and Security are very important. Specialization in network domains like digital network, VPN, WAN, LAN or I.P. management is very popular nowadays. Ethical hacking and information security can be selected in Security. Apart from this, cyber forensics has also emerged as a new field of employment due to increasing cybercrime.

Various Job Posts Under Cyber Security

  • Information security analyst,
  • security administrator,
  • software developer, and
  • cyber policy analyst etc.

Top Companies in India

  • Cyberops Infosec LLP
  • eSec Forte Technologies
  • Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd.
  • K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.
  • Skylark Information Technologies Private Limited
  • Wi-Jungle

Best Institute to Learn the Course

  • Asian School of Cyber Law, Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Inter National College for Security Studies, Gurugram (Gurgaon) Haryana.
  • Bardhaman Cyber Research and Training Studies, Bardhaman, West Bengal.

Overall Success & Job Opportunity– 10 / 10

Database Career

Database Career

What Does Database Mean?

Database (D.B.) is a museum of information, where related information is collected and kept.

Let’s understand with an example, “An MS-Excel sheet where you have details of 200 students.” Details such as Name, Roll No., date of birth, father’s name, address, and name of the city. Here, you can say this Excel Sheet is a database.

Future Scope of Database Technology Specialist

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics- 21% increment of job opportunities for all software developers, including database engineers from 2018-2028.

Salary of Database Technology Specialist

Entry-Level Database Administrator Salary- 6 Lakhs to 21 Lakhs per annum.

Required Education for Database Technology Specialist

DBA positions require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, database administration, computer information systems (CIS) or a degree that includes the same fields of study. Many organizations hire DBAs with postgraduate degrees in MBAs because MBAs are accustomed to the business domain, and they are good at communicating enterprise technical and non-technical requirements to all employees.

Various Job Posts

  • SQL database administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Database admin
  • Database manager
  • Dba team leader

Top Companies in India

  • VAM Systems
  • I.Q. Infoline
  • A.I. Software
  • Comentum
  • Kays Harbor
  • MariaDB
  • Sonicks
  • We Build Databases – WBD
  • ScienceSoft
  • Girnarsoft

Overall Success & Job Opportunity– 9 / 10

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