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The 7 Tallest Waterfalls In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is blessed with diverse aspects of nature. The picturesque landscapes with beautiful green mountains, bubbling milky waterfalls and extensive, profound coastline make Maharashtra one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The arrival of monsoon in Maharashtra opens up various small to large waterfalls falling from a tremendous height with full energy.

The cool breeze, milky and foamy water and the lush green surroundings of the mesmerizing waterfalls attracts many tourists during monsoon.

The 7 tallest waterfalls in Maharashtra to enjoy in the monsoon season:

1. Thosegar Waterfalls

Thosegar Waterfalls

Thosegar waterfalls are the tallest waterfalls in Maharashtra situated around 35 km from Satara. This 1150 feet tall waterfall prominently becomes more spectacular in monsoon. The scenic beauty around the waterfall is extraordinary. The calm, quiet natural surroundings with a clean lake and dark woods are perfect for enjoying nature’s beauty. The roaring noise of milky water falling from the plush green mountains down in the deep valley gives immense pleasure. One can have a beautiful view of the waterfall and enjoy the refreshing shower of the water from the newly constructed platform. The waterfall has excellent transport connectivity by road from Pune and Satara. The best time to visit Thosegar is during monsoon. One can enjoy the beauty of waterfall supplemented by hot onion pakoras, roasted corns and piping hot tea.

2. Vajrai Waterfalls

Vajrai Waterfalls

Vajrai waterfalls are located at the Bhambavali village. The waterfall is 27 km from Satara and is situated at Sahyadri hills and Kas flower valley. The waterfall is 853 feet tall and can be reached through 500 m trek path. The waterfall is the origin of Urmodi River. The water of the waterfall comes from Urmodi River. Vajrai waterfall is the perfect tourist destination. Being very close to Kas plateau, the beautiful and colourful flowers in the lush green mountain valley pleases our senses. The tranquillity of the area near the waterfall is the height of attraction. The place is isolated and surrounded by dense green valleys which relax us. The nature of the waterfall is perennial flowing throughout the year. The site can be reached by private vehicle or by bus from Satara. It is said that Samarth Ramdas swami has climbed the. Vajrai mountains in three footsteps and hence the waterfall is a three stair waterfall mountain.

3. Kune waterfall

Kune waterfall

The Kune waterfall is situated in the iconic tourist destination of Lonavala – Khandala. The waterfall drops from an altitude of 659 feet. It falls in a three-tier section. The green vegetation surrounding the waterfall gives a soothing coolness to our vision. The Kune church proves to be the landmark of the waterfall as it is located in very close proximity of the waterfall. The kune falls can be easily reached by road from Lonavala and Khandala.

4. Lingamala Waterfall

Lingamala Waterfall

The awe-inspiring waterfalls are located on the Pune Mahabaleshwar road. Mahabaleshwar is an all-time favourite hill station for tourist all over India, and this waterfall has added one more feather in the cap of this beautiful place. This place is best to distress and relax and to heave a sigh of relief from hectic work schedules. The height of the fall is 620 feet. The majestic and graceful fall of water from the cliff is indescribable. The joy of silvery water drops and golden sun rays gives the waterfall a rainbow effect. The rhythmic sound of the waterfall is quite pleasant to ears. The forest bungalow of Lingamala is near this fall. The lush green vegetation, the musical sound of the waterfall, the dense forest and cool breeze makes the Lingamala waterfall an excellent picnic spot. The Kine waterfall can be easily reached from Pune and Mahabaleshwar.

5. Zenith Waterfall

Zenith Waterfall

The waterfall is located near Khopoli in Raigad district. The foamy and milky waterfalls from a height of 450 feet and is very active in monsoon only. The waterfall gets its name from the Zenith company situated near the waterfall. The waterfall is massive and curvy in shape. To reach the waterfall one has to take a walk through a small industrial complex. The place is easily reachable from Khopoli, Pune and Mumbai. The waterfall is a favourite destination of trekkers. The lush greenery surrounding the enormous and beautiful waterfall certainly makes it one of the most frequently visited waterfalls.

6. Bhivpuri waterfall

Bhivpuri waterfall

The waterfall is situated at Bhivpuri near Karjat railway station. One can reach the waterfall from Bhivpuri railway station within 30 minutes. The road to reach the waterfall is quite scenic. The greenery till the end of your eyesight, majestic green hills, and the way within the green rice fields makes us feel blessed and fresh. As we reach near the waterfall, many small waterfalls can be seen on both sides. After climbing a small hill, we reach the waterfall. The cascades from a height of 20 feet. The refreshing yet steady shower of the waterfall makes us soak and gives a thrilling feel. One can enjoy the sight of water dashing on the rocks along with hot lip-smacking vada pav readily available there. The best time to visit the waterfall is in monsoon. Central Railway connects the waterfall from Mumbai to Karjat.

7. Tungareshwar waterfall

Tungareshwar waterfall

Tungarehswar waterfall is located in a green belt area of Tungareshwar wildlife sanctuary at Vasai east. It can be easily reached by train from Mumbai to Vasai. It is a great place to relax from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. Since the waterfall is just 59 km from Mumbai and is very near to National Highway, it can be a perfect monsoon destination for one day picnic. The scenic beauty, nature walk, monsoon trials and woods can be enjoyed to the fullest during monsoon.

Along with waterfall; a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva is also located deep in the hilly trek of the forest of Tungareshwar, thus making it a divine and sacred place. The place is excellent for picnic, relaxation, adventure, trekking and nature photography, especially during monsoons. Presence of a variety of insects, birds, reptiles, flora and fauna enhances the beauty of this place. Tungareshwar waterfall is situated at an altitude of 2177 feet in a hilly area and can be reached after a trek of 3 km on the muddy way. The entry gate of the waterfall is at Sativali village near Vasai fart and needs around 30 min to reach the waterfall from the entry gate. The entire path to reach waterfall tops its beauty during monsoon with green trees on both sides, small streams flowing with sweet rhythm. The silence of the dense forest with only chirping sounds of birds gives a divine feel. The aroma and taste of cutting tea, hot pakoras, yummy raw mangoes, masala sweet corn and cucumbers with salt and chilly boosts our hunger and make the trek more enjoyable. Various trees like teak, the orchid can be seen near the waterfall. Birds like butterflies, river tern, honey buzzard and monarch are also visible.

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