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List of Bridal Emergency Kit items for every Indian bride

Marriage is the most awaited phase in everyone’s life when two families come together to celebrate this eve of the lifelong relationship, bond, and the journey of the new life. The marriages and it’s preparation, especially in India, can go for more than 15 days to months where both sides, boy’s family and the girl’s family, ensure that nothing should remain unplanned – there should not be any scope for the mistakes to make the wedding successful. Be it, kids, adults, and even the most senior person in the family have roles to play and prepare themselves for it. During this preparation, sometimes we forget the basic essential things.

Marriage is a matter of responsibility, great planning, and taking care of every other aspect where it is evident for the bride to get panic at the very last moment of her special day. Even if every minute of the wedding day is planned, still no one never knows what may go unplanned and left out. Many things can embarrass the bride, especially when she moves to her husband’s home, where she can stay ahead of any mishaps on the wedding day by keeping an emergency kit close.

List of Bridal Emergency Kit items for every Indian bride are:

1. Sewing Kit

You never know when your newly purchase cloth or the accessory can deceive you, and even a small loose thread can spoil your whole plan and the mood too. In contrast, this situation can also make you embarrassed as you may not be aware of the nature of the new family. It’s a great idea to carry a sewing kit along with you, which can help fix the small holes, threading, buttoning.

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2. Tampons and sanitary pads

Tampons or sanitary pads are the must-have items in every bridal emergency kit, and there is nothing wrong with carrying an extra or the additional pads all the time since it can not only help you but can also for the other ladies around you in case of the emergency. You never know that when you will need sanitary supplies, and there are possibilities that you struggle a bit to locate the nearby chemist store or ask for help from your husband or anybody else in the home — so keep it extra could be a great idea and lifesaver.

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3. Band-aid

Band-aid isn’t just the first-aid component, but also a must-have bridal emergency kit as you never know when you or your loved ones may need it. After marriage, you have to travel a long distance, use tons of things of which you may not be aware of how that thing works that can harm you — your new clothes, shoes and even the safety pins can give frequent cut where band-aid can help you in such emergency cases.

4. Safety Pins

The safety pin is the essential thing in the entire wedding. From ill-fitting dresses to hide the undesirable appearance of undergarments, safety pins can help to keep everything safe.

5. Deodorant or perfume

You also want to smell as good as you look at your wedding day. No makeup artist bothers about your bouquet. Your groom will love to feel your signature scent. So, keep your favorite perfume or deodorant in your kit. Avoid carrying around four or many full-sized bottles of perfume, get a travel size pack of your favorite fragrance.

6. Lipstick

The shade of lipstick that the bride is wearing should be in the kit. No lipstick can last for more than 6 hours; it will be gone before the Baraat. Most girls have the ability to smudge lipstick while eating or within a short time. You should always be photo-ready for the entire wedding. So, the same shade of lipstick should be there in the bride’s bag for touch up.

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7. Tissues

When the groom puts sindoor on the bride’s head, a lot of it falls down on the bride’s nose. You need tissues for the tears of joy too. So don’t need to ruin makeup with your free-falling tears. For immediate disposal of some waste, you will also need tissues.

8. Water and snack

It’s always good to have water and some healthy food handy, so the bride doesn’t have to worry about fainting during the ceremony. It generally took 4 to 5 hours for the bride to get a ready and bridal photoshoot. Dry fruits, nut bar, a protein bar, or fruits are good options to have, and the snacks that will not stain or spill on anyone’s dress is essential. Meanwhile, they also help in keeping your sugar level and won’t let you feel ill.

9. Phone Charger

From taking selfies with bridesmaid, uploading status on Facebook, uploading pictures on Instagram to contacting close friends and family, you need your phone to charge up. The bride can charge the phone during the makeup.

10. Lotion

Generally, makeup artist doesn’t bother about body lotion, so keep your cream handy, especially during winters. To stay dry patches of skin hydrated, you need a moisturizer. Makeup artist bothers only to about-face and hairdo, but for arms and legs, you need to keep a body lotion in your kit.

11. Hairpins and comb

From pre-ceremony rituals, hugging friends, wearing heavy dupatta on the head to wearing heavy jewelry, all this can ruin the hairstyle. To keep your hair flawlessly in place, pins and comb should be kept handy.

12. Dental Floss and mints

To keep your pictures perfect and keep you fresh throughout the day, floss and mints are needed. In case food stuck in your teeth can ruin your photos.

13. Headache tablets

There is so much stress on the bride as she has to pose for the camera, continually smiling, attending every guest. No bride wants a headache on the wedding day.

14. Hair Spray

Bride’s hair is the most difficult to fix. So keep hair spray handy.

15. Antacid and Digene

For immediate acidity relief. It took many hours for the bride to get the ready following with poses, and she has to survive for many hours without food. This may cause acidity problems. So it is always better to be safe than sorry!

16. Small mirror

For the last-minute touch-ups, you need a small mirror. It also helps to fix stray hairs quickly.

17. Clear nail polish

To get a quick coat immediately when you get any tear, defect in jewelry, or other miscellaneous defective accessories, this requires the use of clear nail polish. In case of any thread run, glide a layer of clear nail polish, and you can stop it from becoming more prominent.

18. Earrings back

It will be very frustrating if anyone’s earrings again will be lost. Your whole look can be ruined without an earring. Earrings are an integral part of the outfit. Keep spare earring backs for you as well as your bridesmaid so that you can wear your earrings day and night.

19. Scissors

For removing loose threads to cutting price tags, all you need is a small pair of scissors.

20. Hand sanitizer

From shaking many sweaty hands to touching walls and trees during the photoshoot, you need a hand sanitizer handy.

21. Money

Keep some amount of cash or credit card in case of an emergency. You may also need to pay the remaining due amount to makeup artist after the makeup has been done.

22. Wipes

Wipes are great for many reasons. Wipes can help to remove smudged makeup and can prevent the stain from occurring. It also helps in wiping away any spills.

23. White Chalk

In case of any stain on your costly wedding dress, you can cover that stain with the help of white chalk on the white dress.

24. Fabric Tape

It is a perfect quick fix for falling hemlines. In case you want to rock deep-v dresses, double side fabric tape will be your best friend as it will keep everything in place.

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