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The Science and Neuroscience Behind the term Butterflies in the Stomach!

You must have often heard the term, “Butterflies in the Stomach”, a fluttery feeling of new sensations and excitement of extreme exuberance is the true meaning of the terminology- “Butterflies in the Stomach”! Yeah, those who have fallen in true Love, will understand it, very clearly because it is for the first time the nervous feeling of extreme likeness towards something, that is something beyond achieving but falling for it, and the tickling sensations like the butterflies are flying inside your tummy! Does it make sense? Well, In Love, the sensation is commonly observed, and the chemistry between the couples is the faithful witness of this – out of the world experience.

Can butterflies in the Stomach be felt without being in love?

Not only in Love, but there are also many other times when one can feel the fluttering in the Stomach. The mental kick or boost of good hormones which the brain releases to let you feel entirely surrender into the arms or thoughts of someone very special is alright. Still, you can also have the butterfly effect, during a stage performance or an excursion. It generally happens when some of your dreams get fulfilled and your body reaction towards the external stimulus or stimuli, which is responsible for giving you immense pleasure. It can be a victory in the favourite sport for a sportsperson, or a winning trophy in the arms of a celebrity! A pregnant woman can feel the flutter in her Stomach for her child, or a lust for money or crime can also give a person, the same sort of addiction without actually using any chemicals.

What are the other Causes of the butterfly effect?

Well, the human mind is a complex mechanism of desires and dreams to fulfil and is constant, in action. The brain of the human mind is divided into many peripherals and conscious and sub-conscious self that rule our thinking, memory, and learning. We say in general terms that we tend to listen to our hearts, but in the real sense, we listen to our mind, the subconscious self that empowers our authentic or conscious self! Listening to hearts is just a myth as we know the Heart is the pumping organ that pumps blood to all body parts! The Neuroscience that works in the whole process is left unnoticed. The brain is the controlling Unit, but we generally overlook and make some of the mischiefs and want to take the uncertain or new paths that our sub-conscious mind makes us do!

There are enough chemicals and neurological behaviours responsible for the entwine feeling of Love and excitement and nervousness, which are the paths closed by our powerful brain. So, falling in Love is often a term used for the Heart or mind and not the brain!

Butterflies symbolize freedom and passion, often associated with the growth mindset and Love too. The colourful wings add to the charm and sexual warmth also. In many poems and idioms, the authors and the lyricist had already defined the youth and beauty to a butterfly simile, and for this reason, butterflies are often appreciated. The neuroscience behind the terminology, however, depict a different perspective and reasons for the feeling of nervousness and temptation of the human mind to someone they love or any stimulus that enhance the butterfly effect or the strange feeling of fluttering butterflies in Your Stomach.

The Neuroscience behind the “Butterflies in the Stomach” terminology:

In terms of neurology, “Butterflies in my stomach”, means the release of a flight hormone called adrenaline in response to the reduced blood flow to the organ due to some social or emotional anxiety, and to overcome this, the brain sends adrenaline that causes increased heartbeat and high blood pressure. It is mostly a physical or emotional yearning then it is of no much concern as the symptoms subside after a few times naturally. In Love, this feeling is primarily positive, and there is no need to worry.

The human brain has about 600 million neurons that control bowel movements. These neurons are present in the Enteric Nervous System(ENS) of the peripheral Nervous System of the outer brain. In general, it is found that the brain signals and controls the other organs but there is evidence to prove that many signals are also passed from the gut or Stomach to the brain via ENS, and this reverse action of the neurons sometimes get intermittent due to stress or emotional pressure and can cause the butterflies fluttering too!

Sometimes, the feeling of fluttering in the Stomach is due to some other external factors like extreme nervousness or a social disorder towards specific things or persons. It is then a matter of deep concern, and if it is creating a negative effect on your body, then it becomes a concerning thing, and you may have to consult a Neurologist. Depression or failures can also ignite the feeling and such times, and the feeling changes from good, strange, and pleasurable to painful and consistent. The feelings are also accompanied by lots of perspiration and profuse sweating in the palms and an increase in body temperature with twitching of the stomach or gut muscles. If the symptoms start to have a more negative impact like loss of appetite and mood swings, then it may further develop into anger and frustration, and the person can even harm himself or herself. So, there can be both types of butterfly effect – good and evil.

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Why is the Butterfly in your stomach often related to Love?

Love is hard to find, and blessed are the couples who have found true Love. Love gives euphoric moments and extreme joys which is not possible if one hears to the brain! During the onset of Love or attraction, the constant fear of rejection and losing the one you love happens. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in itself; it is more physically driven and later changing into an emotional bonding between the couples. Certainly one feels on cloud 9 after getting his or her desired partner. Here the human psychology between how does a man sees Love and hoe does a woman sees it may differ. Still, commonly they are thinking to begin a life full of harmony and trust with lots of physical and emotional satisfaction too. So, butterfly sensations in the stomach are commonly seen, which is more common in men than ladies.

How to calm your senses if you are having the symptoms of Butterflies in the Stomach?

The symptoms tend to vanish in a few months during the courtship and chasing periods. If it troubles and persists for a longer time, then one can follow simple steps:-

  1. Diverting mind towards some sports activity can give you some relief.
  2. By eating lots of fruits and nuts, high protein drinks to ease your health problems an make you fit and more robust.
  3. Exercise may help your body to keep confident and your mind to work efficiently.
  4. Meditation can relax your senses and calm down your nerves.
  5. Consulting to your doctor.
  6. Loving yourself and thinking positively.
  7. Loving your partner and building your confidence.

“A matter of Heart will always be a matter of Heart, in my mind, I know,
It feels butterflies in my stomach, the way you still look at me that way!”

Neuroscience has proved that brain responds strangely, when we are in Love, and all we listen to is to our inner self or mind, and there is always a conflict going on between the brain and mind or conscience. While the brain accepts the usual pattern of living, it is the mind that tricks with us and plays games. Our subconscious self imagines and dreams. So, listening to our hearts or mins can be deviating and tricky. One should listen to the Heart of mind while let the brain guide in between, this way, things can become more apparent, and we may make the best decisions in life.

One can have a nervous stomach without any specific reason. What can be the cause and how to treat such issues?

Sometimes due to some internal gastric lining or gut infection, one can also have a nervous and anxious stomach that feels very similar to that of “butterflies in the stomach”! There can be stress or workload pressure or some unfulfilled dreams etc. that can lead to such conditions. Try to balance the stress levels by eating proper but smaller meals and meditate. One can also try some herbal remedies like peppermint or lavender oils for good sleep to control the anxiousness. One should avoid the intake of coffee and milk tea and try to eat soups and fresh fruit juices. Also, try to check with your doctor as this can be an early sign of irritable bowel syndrome or peptic ulcer too!

Let the butterflies dance to make you happier and cheerful and may not lead to serious health problems!

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