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Indian vs Western Culture and the big mistakes that we are doing

Britishers left us years ago, but they also left here curses like sorry, English, and their own culture and demolished ours. We see globalization today, people are getting mad behind the Western Culture. We Indians and specifically the youth of India is following the Western Culture blindly. Let us see how:

1. Wearing tight clothes

Wearing Tight Clothes, Parineeti Chopra
Bollywood Actress, Parineeti Chopra (Image Courtesy: India News)

Tight clothes generally mean skin-tight jeans and leather jackets. Western countries usually get low temperatures throughout the year. Tight jeans and leather jackets make sense if you wear them in the cold climate, they keep you warm but there is there any point of wearing them in the summers or the Indian climate?

2. Wearing dark coloured clothes or umbrellas

Wearing Dark Coloured Clothes Or Umbrellas, Sharukhan Dan Deepika Padukone
Shahrukh Khan with Deepika Padukone

‘Black is class, it looks classy’, this is what you hear from youngsters today. It looks good on people with white/light skin complexion and not on the dark/black/brown ones. Indian’s colour type is generally brown. White and yellow are the colours which look good on people with dark complexions (under which most of the Indians are). Dark colours absorb more heat and light-coloured clothes reflect more heat. This is basic science we all learned in like the primary school. Again, black/dark clothes make sense of the ‘whites’ as they are white and live in a cold environment. It helps them look good and absorbs heat to cope up with the low temperature in their surroundings. Do you still think black is classy? Similarly, using dark-coloured umbrellas is something foolish. Indians need umbrellas for two purposes, to protect us from rain as well as from the Sun. Black/dark coloured umbrellas again don’t make sense here. Also, read the Fashion Mistakes that Men Make Without Realising.

3. Making huge buildings of glass

Making Huge Buildings Of Glass, Cbi Headquarters
Glass Building, CBI Headquarters (Delhi)

The main concept of making buildings of glass is not because they look, but it is to trap sunlight and create a greenhouse inside the room. This helps in slightly increasing the temperature inside the room to reduce the electricity bill used up by heaters. This is brilliant for them but not for us. In India, we need to avoid sunlight. We need to avoid making our rooms and offices greenhouse to lower the temperature. The greenhouse is eventually going to make the room hot, and we are going to waste more electricity on Air conditioners. Does this make sense?

4. Language as a barrier

Language As A Barrier, Hindi
Hindi Cloud Word imagery

Speaking and writing in English today is being mandatory for any job today. We have almost forgotten speaking and writing in Hindi and very few percentages of people can read and write Sanskrit today. Certainly, Britishers never forced us to read and write English after Independence. We continued to speak their language. Why? We can not do anything about that and we may have to go with the flow, but at least we can stop insulting those who cannot read or write English and promote our languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, or any other regional languages.

5. Reading and appreciating their books and discouraging ours

Reading And Appreciating Their Books And Discouraging Ours, Foreginer Reading Bhagwa Gita
Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Book Cover

There are many good books written by great authors from the westerners. They are actually really great and have been read by many. But what about Indian books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc? If you like reading novels like Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones, etc one may also love Mahabharata and Ramayana. At least give them a try. Most of the people just don’t even give them a try. Apart from them mostly youngsters like reading books like ‘The subtle art of not giving a f**#’ as a life coach or motivational books. For all the Indian readers and fans of this book, have you ever tried reading the Bhagvat Geeta? I understand the Western culture focuses more on the Modern problems and their solutions but Bhagvat Geeta focuses on internal peace which must be our prime concern and the root the solution of every problem. Since everyone Is free to make their own choices, my only appeal is at least just to try these Indian books too and at least not to discourage people to read these, and please at least do not disrespect them.

6. Increasing addiction

Increasing Addiction Bollywood, Jaya Bachchan
Shri Jaya Bachchan (Image Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV) spoke and defended bollywood in the Parliament

Addiction towards anything is harmful. Addiction towards smoking, drugs, alcohol, video games, watching movies, listening to songs, etc is harmful. This was in India way before the Britishers arrived but on a very low scale. Only the people with high official ranks and huge money (which was a very small percentage). Today, people who are addicted to these have been given the tag of ‘cool’. Specifically, the youngsters believe smoking, drugs, and alcohol believe it is ‘cool’. Almost all the youngsters do listen to music and on high volumes for hours, watching movies, or playing video games constantly for hours. The tag ‘cool’ encourages more and more youngsters towards getting into these addictions and wasting theirs and their family’s lives.

There are many more things about which we Indians are just blindly following them. We have a great culture, great monuments, great hill stations, great beaches, and many more, and still, we go on world tours and say ‘India mein kuch nhi rakha’ meaning ‘There is nothing in India’. There is too much in India, you just haven’t even tried seeing it. Try seeing North-east, try going for Chaar Dhaam Yaatras, try visiting the forts of Rajasthan, try visiting the thousands of historical monuments of India.

Niket Jain
Niket Jain
A student interested in writing.

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