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What is Mediocre and why being Mediocre hurts every time?

How much did you score?

It’s a question that hurts the sentiment of a student. Then the reply comes “Only 60 per cent”. Neither can you say “I am the highest scorer or even the lowest”? Now here comes the situation where you feel like a sandwich. Precisely the way veggies struggle hard in between the bread to provide the delicious feeling. Let me tell you what we are actually. We are mediocre. It’s because we scoreless, we are paid reasonable, we have a middle-class lifestyle, we can never think of something too high or too low.

That’s why we are termed to be mediocre, and there at that moment all the confidence, determination, motivation gets shattered at once crushed into pieces.

Nobody Remembers Mediocre

Whether it’s about the marks obtained or the salary gained, everywhere being mediocre fills the heart with pain. Either being a high-class person or a shallow class is still good. But being an average and surviving in a middle-class society is like every time you are in the middle of the sky and earth. Neither you can fly high nor come down as it can hurt you more. In the beginning, you are humiliated because of your results, and then you struggle hard to earn your livelihood and manage somehow to have a life of comfort. But even after crossing these hurdles you still become an insomniac surviving with lots of worries as that of taxation, loan repayment, insurance, etc. haunting you all the time. Initially, you had to struggle for yourself, and gradually it turns out for the upcoming generation and then it continues till you carry the tag of ‘mediocre’.

Overwhelmed, Girl, Head Down, Depressed

After you step out of the stage of humiliation, you will encounter lots and lots of frustration in your life. It’s like both humiliation and frustration are associated with each other. In the regret of not being able to fulfil your dreams and dealing with bundles of responsibilities, anyone will get frustrated. In between the phase of humiliation and frustration, something called ‘inferiority complex’ will make its place in your life and time to time, it will keep on hitting hard. The moment you will see someone below you and try to feel a bit joyful as a part of human nature, that inferiority complex will take you in front of the people much successful and happier than you and will strike you hard.

Cancel Culture, Blame Game

A few mediocre, for the ones who want, there comes a moment in their life when their self-respect screams hard inside them. They are compelled to realise that now the time has come to show the world that even ‘mediocre’ have the right to fly high, aspire higher. To be a failure is easy but to be mediocre is tough because there is nothing that inspires you from within. It’s like neither you are worthy nor worthless. I remember an instance of my life. One of my friends was a mediocre student during school times. He was an introvert by nature and used to stay depressed all the time. Also, learn to be confident in life which we have covered in detail in the 5 Best Ways To Be Confident Always In All The Circumstances.

Along with pursuing graduation, he was studying hard to become a CA. By the time he completed his graduation, he also gave his final exams for CA. Fortunately, he qualified to secure a good rank. Presently, he is working as a Senior Associate CA in one of the top 5 MNCs in a foreign country. Through his story, I get an inspiration that ‘mediocre’ is what we have created. Every human being has that potential. If one is determined and hardworking, he/she can achieve it no doubt. Nothing can stop him/her. One needs to have enough determination and confidence to take off the tag of being a ‘mediocre’.

Stop Being Average

Now it’s not the time to be a part of the crowd, sit quietly, be an introvert and tolerate the humiliation. The time has come to remove the tag of ‘mediocre’. Let all the scars and pain become a reason to show the world things beyond imagination.

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Take the label of ‘mediocre’ as a challenge and work on it to fill the sky with colours marking your success and achievements. Work on your dreams, fulfil your wishes on your own, nurture your talent and blossom like a fresh-smelling flower. Be an inspiration for the whole ‘mediocre’ folk of society, be a precedent so that next time no one judges your capability — at last “Believe in yourself, and the world will believe you.”

Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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