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Why is Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essential to Boost Self-Esteem?

Who doesn’t want to be happy and contented? Everyone is trying to do things for themselves, but happiness is not a thing that we can trap and place somewhere. It is a feeling, and feelings are hard to achieve for a longer duration of time, and in a busy lifestyle, we have to treasure the memories and happy times that make us really very happy. In most cases, people are generally too tired and depressed and perform the duties monotonously and have lost the real sense of their being. This is where Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help people suffering from mental stress and depression in day to day life.

So, What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in general, and why is it essential to boost self-esteem? Well, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the mindful approach towards life. There are several books written over this particular therapy that aims to boost and uplift the mood of a person and is a self- teaching set of techniques through which one can learn to defeat depression and sadness and can regain the beauty of life. In our experience, materialistic happiness holds a significant value as we live in a society where these things matter a lot. Everyone wants a better lifestyle and money plays a vital role in providing comforts and luxuries. But it should be understood that nothing is more important than a good and healthy life and peace of mind. Not only this, but in busy work, lifestyle, love is also searched for, a lot of people believe that true love can make one truly happy. In the absence of these things, people tend to get negative towards life and suffer emotionally, physically, and mentally.

What Are The Ways To Learn Cognitive Behavior?

It is generally advised to go through sessions prescribed by the psychotherapists or psychologists that can help the patients suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Sometimes there are certain sleep disorders or phobias such as hydrophobia, claustrophobia, etc., that can also be treated with the help of CBT. Well, by talking and relaxing techniques, one can be able to think about positive things rather than negative thoughts.

People suffering from depression and stress often have low self-esteem or somehow develop a tendency to overlook their qualities and develop serious mental disorders which if not treated in time can lead to severe medical conditions.

There are some of the ways one can quickly help himself or herself getting out of depression and anxiety:

1. Self Talk or  Talking  through  the  Mirror

Talking VibesSelf-talking is a critical process in learning Cognitive Behavior as it develops self-confidence. In CBT, the psychiatrist asks the patient to talk to oneself so that the real cause of depression or anxiety can be traced. Self-talk can be done anywhere, in front of a mirror or the midst of nature or sometimes at home as well. A person who talks to himself can easily get out of mental depression.

2. Talking to Someone Close

Talking CloseThere are times when most of the problems are not appropriately tackled due to the lack of conversation between people suffering from depression or anxiety. Well, talking to a close buddy is really necessary to know the cause of such issues. A friendly suggestion can heal wounds and scars bothering in life. But in most cases, people don’t disclose their problems, and that result in strangulation of their dreams and get negative towards life. You should have trust with the person whom you want to share your problems with. Also, read Love Just Loves: Heal yourself with the practice of Self-Love.

3. Reading Books


We become the books we read. Reading has a very impactful effect on our mind as our brain relaxes and new thoughts get into, making our worries vanish for some time and transporting us into an imaginary world of stories that has the power to secrete good vibes and good chemicals that are required for the proper functioning of our brain. In CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy, it is advisable to read good books preferably books dealing with mindfulness and positive thinking apart from fiction romantic novels so as to develop some key skills to combat depression or phobias. Reading Biographies also help as the person gets to understand life from a different angle. You might also be interested in Best Young Adults Books by Indian Authors.

4. Meditation


Meditation helps to relax the brain and is a direct connection to the spiritual self. In CBT, the person is advised and observed while he or she does meditation and reconnect with the lost self. The basics of CBT is to involve the patient in the knowledge of self. It must be understood that meditation is entirely different from yoga, while the basic principals are the same, yoga is more inclined towards physical wellbeing, whereas meditation is a complete mental rewinding process. Meditation has proved to bring very good results in those suffering from mood swings, psychological problems involving emotional drainage. A few sessions of meditation can bring the patient back to normal and happy self.

5. Writing Your Thoughts


Writing positive thoughts and dreams to fulfil is also a form of behavioural therapy as it reveals a lot about the personality of the person. The thoughts and beliefs should be jotted in order to know the psychology of the patient. During CBT, the patient is asked to write his or her thoughts. Well, one can practice writing to know more about the future. In depression, it is generally seen that patients become vague towards future building thoughts and always think negative things. So, it can be very much helpful to boost self-esteem by promoting future talks. Do you know you can earn money by writing articles online in India?

6. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


Comparisons bring negativity and are harmful to personal growth and well being. Jealousy also is a harmful feeling. Depressed people often have negative self-esteem towards themselves. Again The motive of CBT is to boost mental health by stop comparing to others while focussing on personal growth. The success or failure of another person should hardly affect your wellbeing as long as you are on a path of rightful and planning for the future. A small act of kindness goes a long way. So, one should have high values in life and be optimistic towards growth and personal wellbeing.

7. Facing your Fears


There are many times in life when life goes the wrong way or the way you haven’t plan, in such cases, people are slowly becoming negative or depressed, depression is a slow killer and it can slowly give panic attacks or mood swings and can eat you from within, the best way is to smile and take the challenges of life rather than turning your face away from your fears. A positive person can change the negative surrounding by constantly building approach. Also remember “All that Shine is not Gold”, the similar way all are not 100% happy. So in this life, learning and growing matters.

The cases of depressions are on a higher graph, and it is a social concern, as per the recent statistics of the National Mental Health Survey, 20% of the people are suffering from depression and are doing suicides every year due to the trauma and the percentage is increasing only which is not good. In India, mental health is not a topic of the household, but it should be made aware as people are so depressed and it is saddening to see many taking drastic wrong steps of suicide due to unstable mental health conditions. Why do people are getting so negative towards life? It is advisable to seek medical help as soon as you see someone undergoing depression syndrome, and people of the family should help such victims. Mindfulness is the key to happiness.

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