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14 Best Places in Jabalpur for Couples, Friends, and Family

Jabalpur, the major city of Madhya Pradesh, is known worldwide for its cultural activities and marble rocks. Jabalpur, the capital of the Gond kings and the karma-land of the kings of the Kaluchari dynasty, was settled by Raja Jajlyadeva. By the way, there are many tourist places to see in Jabalpur tourism. But we will tell you about the top 13 tourist places in Jabalpur here.

The most visited places in Jabalpur tourism are Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar Water Fall, Chausath Yogini Temple, Madan Mahal Fort, Rani Durgavati Museum, etc. Apart from this, the beauty of the Narmada River flowing between the marble blue, pink, and white hills is unique in the world. Let’s know about these top tourist places of Jabalpur in detail.

14 Best Places in Jabalpur for Couples, Friends, and Family are:

1. Treasure Island Mall

Treasure Island Mall

Situated in Bhim Nagar, Treasure Island mall is one of the most popular malls in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. This shopping centre was currently renovated in 2016 and has most of the International brand’s showroom for all age bunches like PVR cinemas, Hemley toys for kids, Game zone, Arrow, Adidas, and lots more. The food court of this mall offers various kinds of foods, including Indian/Chinese cuisines.

The shopping centre many stalls that serve ice cream, chocolate, corn, and also, it has chains of McDonalds and pizza hut. With Big Bazaar positioned in its basement, the place additionally holds an all in one family shopping centre. Treasure Island, situated on M.G road in the coronary heart of the metropolis, is an area to be. If you want to visit Jabalpur, then why not start with this mall. Definitely, this mall will add more fun to your further visit.

2. Sangram Sagar Lake

Sangram Sagar Lake

Sangram Sagar Lake is a well-known tourist destination of Jabalpur. Located 15 km from the city, this lake and every single nearby structure were built in the 15th century by the Gond ruler Sangram Shah. Many famous medieval constructions can be seen here. Being surrounded by the lake expands its beauty even more.

Sangram Sagar Lake is also famous for its aquatic animals and migratory birds. The water temperature is such that it attracts exotic migratory birds such as the Sharp-tailed duck, Eurasian coots, and red patches pochard of Central and Western Asia.

Sangram Sagar Lake is also a decent spot to reduce stress due to the serene environment and a calm atmosphere. Those who love natural beauty and peaceful environments must-visit Sangram Sagar Lake; not only this but this place is also a paradise for those who want to capture the magnificence of nature in their camera. Also read, Pride Of Jabalpur Kachnar City And Shiva Temple.

3. Bhawartal Garden

Bhawar Taal Garden

Bhawartal Garden is beautifully built and is located in the heart of the Jabalpur city in Old Napier Town.

The Municipal Corporation has spent Rs 5 crore to revamp the city’s largest Bhanvratal Garden. Since then, the garden has become the most beautiful garden with water bodies, cafeteria, open theatre, and underground washroom, musical fountain, pathways, sitting areas also it has artificial islands.

The garden is roomy and has lots of greenery and a variety of colourful blossoms. A decent time can be spent here with loved ones. Individuals come here for morning and evening walks and picnics. You might also be interested in knowing about the 10 Places In India To Visit This Winter For History Buff.

4. Seaworld Water Park

Seaworld Water Park

Located on National Highway 12, Bheraghat, Jabalpur, Near Tripur Sundari Mandir. The Sea world water park is an exceptional alternative if you are searching for an answer to beat the warmth and Suitable for every age group. The stunning rides, body slides, water, fun games and exercises, dry rides, performances, shows, and this amusement park in Jabalpur has every last bit of it.

The fountains, mushroom water shower, and artificial waterfall will enchant you. The kid’s zone is absolute value for money. The children’s delight zone has enjoyable activities, toy trains, games, rides, and a lot more engaging things. Once in, the children will never want to return.

The beautiful scene of this water park in Jabalpur will surprise you. The old will love to go for a stroll along with the wave pool. Freshen yourself and refresh your mood from this incredibly delightful park. The genuine significance of fun and delight is satisfied at this park. Let your trip to Madhya Pradesh be significantly momentous at Seaworld Water Park. Also, do not forget to see the Malls And Shopping Places In Jabalpur.

5. Hanuman Taal


Hanuman Tal is a lake located at a short distance from the town. Apart from beauty, this lake is also associated with religious reverence, as is clear from the name itself. It is said that when Lord Hanuman stepped into this place, water started coming out from there, which created this lake. Since then, it came to be known as Hanuman Tal.

Apart from being a place of religious importance, the lake is an ideal perfect for investing some energy unwinding and admiring its scenic excellence. Visit this spot to observe the social range and natural distinction of Jabalpur.

Hanuman Tal is a sensitive place due to being surrounded by temples and mosques. The famous Behavar family built a ghat on the banks of Hanuman Tal and later donated it. Visiting this lake during the Jabalpur Trip will not be vain.

6. Tilwara Ghat

Tilwara Ghat

Tilwara Ghat is located in Jabalpur on the banks of the Narmada River, which is one of the three significant ghats found here in Jabalpur. There is a famous temple of Tilabhandeshwar Mahadev here.

Tilwara Ghat has exceptional importance throughout the entire existence of Jabalpur. This is where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed. A Gandhi memorial has also been built here as a tribute to him. Gandhiji stayed in Jabalpur thrice during the freedom struggle and visited this ghat devoutly. Tilwara Ghat is considered as holy as the Ganges, and millions of devotees take a dip here every year.

In 1939, Lokmanya Tilak addressed a large mass group at Tilwara Ghat. Since then, this place is also known as Tilak Bhoomi. Apart from this, many prominent personalities related to the field of politics have also visited this place, which increases its importance even more.

You can enjoy a boat ride along with your family at a very reasonable price. Temples are situated on the banks of the Narmada River too, which are a great attraction for every tourist.

7. Bargi Dam

Bargi Dam, Jabalpur

The Bargi Dam of Jabalpur is one of the 30 dams on the Narmada River. The significance of this dam also increases because it is a significant source of water supply in Jabalpur and surrounding areas. The Bargi diversion project and the Rani Avantibai Lodhi Sagar project are two important irrigation projects developed on this dam.

Over time, Bargi Dam has developed into an important tourist centre of Jabalpur. Madhya Pradesh authorities have also taken a lot of initiative in this direction. The government has also opened a resort here, the front of which is towards Dam. The resort offers an extraordinary view of the dam and the reservoir. It also has facilities for boat rides, fishing, water scooters, etc., which makes the trip to Bargi Dam even more enjoyable.

Not only this, many birds, including the myna, parrot, cranes, pigeon, and local black sparrow, can also be seen in the areas around the dam. Ornithology students must visit this place.

8. Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Vijayraghavgarh Fort

Vijayraghavgarh fort occupies a prominent place in the history of India’s freedom struggle. Thakur Sarjuprasad, son of King Prayagdas of Vijayraghavgarh princely state, fought the British in the revolution of 1857. Father-son impenetrable used to live in Vijayraghavgarh fort. This fort is famous for its protective texture, carving. Tourists get astonished by its design. The decoration of the Rang Mahal in the fort seems like a newly built structure. The colours in the carvings are still spreading their natural hues.

The water-filled in the trenches around the fort, impossible to reach the walls, the non-visible door, the seven-door stepwell, the story of hidden treasure inside, still retains the mystery and thrill of Vijayraghavgarh Fort. According to historical records, the construction of the fort started in 1826. This fort is also directly related to the revolution of 1857. It was built by King Prayagdas of Vijayraghavgarh, who took the life of iron from the British. Its security was such that even mighty British were not able to break into it for several decades. They were able to capture it after a long battle.

Although the entire Vijayraghavgarh fort is worth visiting, many parts are unique in it. It is worth seeing the grand temple of Raghavji, the symbol of victory, Rang Mahal carving, the shape of the Ranivas, the artwork of the construction of the Garhi, the beautiful carvings on the walls. Apart from this, the fort of King Sarjuprasad, the stepwell inside the fort, the Mudia Mahal, the monument, the inscriptions are worth visiting.

Tourists come from all over the country and abroad to see this Vijayraghavgarh Fort and take pictures of its beauty in their cameras. This Vijayraghavgarh Fort is much less praised.

9. Chausanth Yoginis Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple Jabalpur

Chausanth Yoginis Temple is a famous tourist destination of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Chausanth Yoginis Temple adds another prominent chapter to the historical wealth of Jabalpur. The speciality of this temple is the statue of Bhagwan Shiva, positioned in its centre, which is surrounded by the idol of the goddesses. This temple was built around 1000 AD by the rulers of the Kalchuri dynasty.

An inscription relating to Rani Durgavati’s visit to the temple can also be seen in the temple sanatorium. There is also a tunnel that connects the Chausath Yogini temple with the palace of Gond Rani Durgavati. The temple is spread over a large, complex, and every corner of it reflects grandeur. Of course, if you are going to Jabalpur, then definitely visit this temple.

10. Bhedaghat


To save the Narmada River, the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, the state government has started the Narmada Seva Yatra. There are such falls on the banks of the Narmada, which can enchant anyone. We are talking about the Bhedaghat waterfall located in Jabalpur. Here the Narmada passing through the marble rocks spreads such a colour that the visitors get stunned. This location has also been shown in many films.

Bhedaghat Falls, located 15 km from Jabalpur, attract a lot of people. Here the Narmada River falls from the rocks, which creates a smoke-like location. The beauty of the Narmada falling from the marble rocks is worth seeing here. Millions of tourists from the country and abroad reach here every year. The beauty of the Narmada around Bhedaghat has always been a centre of attraction for tourists.

These are worth seeing in Bhedaghat –

  • Narmada water falling from marble rocks creates mist-like beauty.
  • Bhedaghat falls add beauty to the falling Narmada of rocks.
  • The Narmada originating from among the rocks makes many great.
  • Greenery is the main attraction among marble rocks.
  • It looks like Narmada Lake passing through big rocks.
  • The view of the monkey is the main attraction.

11. Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Dumna Nature Reserve Park is 10 km from Jabalpur town. This can be an ideal spot for those interested in nature and wildlife. This reserve on the way to Dumna Airport is spread over an area of approximately 1,100 hectares. If you go out on a jungle walk, you will see many types of animals. However, for this, you will have to take permission from the officials of the forest department.

Apart from birds of many species, animals like deer, wild boar, jackal, chital, porcupine, and monkey are easily seen here. Dumna Nature Reserve is a great place to hang out with family and have a picnic. To make this place better, the Madhya Pradesh government has also provided facilities for trekking, fishing, and camping in the forest. However, swimming in Dumna Lake is completely banned.

The swinging wooden bridge in the park is a favourite and very exciting among all tourists. In some places, the trees forming an umbrella and provide full shade and coolness.

You can also enjoy a boat ride on the Khandari Dam, which relaxes the mind and provides a spectacular view of the dam and the surrounding area.

12. Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort

The Madan Mahal Fort of Jabalpur is witness to the existence of rulers who ruled here for a considerable period in the 11th century. This fort, constructed by Raja Madan Singh, is arranged on a ridge, approximately two km from the town. The fort is likewise associated with the king’s mom Rani Durgavati, who’s referred to as a brave Gond queen.

At present, this fort has turned into ruins and makes a lot of statements about Rani Durgavati and her fully equipped administration and army. You will not be able to live without admiring the royal family’s main hall, war room, small reservoir, and stables.

This fort also reveals the life of the people of ancient times. Also, it gives an idea of ​​the royalty of that time. Of course, Madan Mohan Fort is one of the fascinating ancient monuments of India, which should must-visited when visiting Jabalpur. This building is now under the supervision of the Indian Institute of Archeology.

What’s more, is the ancient temple of Sharda Devi is situated on the eastern hill of the Madan Mahal Fort. It is said that the Gond rulers built this temple. A grand fair is organized here every Monday in the month of Shravan. Due to this temple, the gate located on the Madan Mahal main road is named Sharda Chowk.

Descending from Sharada Devi temple, you will see another nature miracle which is called “Balanced Rock.” The balance of this rock is formed on sight. Even in the earthquake of 22 May 1997 in Jabalpur, this rock has not been affected by the struggle.

13. Rani Durgavati Museum

Rani Durgavati Museum, Jabalpur

Rani Durgavati Museum is one of the famous museums in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. This renowned museum is dedicated to the great Gond queen Durgavati.

  • ‘Rani Durgavati Museum’ of Jabalpur is counted as a symbol of martyrdom and self-sacrifice of the famous Veerangana Rani Durgavati.
  • This memorial was built in the year 1964 to dedicate Rani Durgavati.
  • Inside this museum is a sandstone replica of Goddess Durga, considered a symbol of feminine power, showing her prowess and pride with a display of Rani Durgavati and her daring deeds.
  • The museum also has some artefacts and photographs related to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Everyone is amazed to see ancient cultural relics, primitive inscriptions, and coins, etc. in the ‘Rani Durgavati Museum’ of Jabalpur. There are many more exciting inscriptions etc. in the museum.

You can get acquainted with many aspects related to the life of the queen and her administration in the museum. In the museum, coins, self-made sculptures, paintings, beautiful costumes, domestic crafts, war accessories, armour, books, and documents can be seen. Seeing these can prove to be a memorable experience.

The tour of Rani Durgavati Memorial is a way to pass through history. So whenever you go to Jabalpur, do not forget to go here.
How to reach –
‘Rani Durgavati Museum’ is located near Bhavartal Gardens, just a few steps from the main bus stand. One can quickly get autos, taxis, rickshaws, city buses, etc. from the railway station, and the nearest airport is Jabalpur.

14. Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur
Dhuandhar Falls is a famous tourist place not only in Jabalpur but in the entire Madhya Pradesh. This fall is a major scenic spot in the Bhedaghat region. Here the stream of Narmada falls from approximately 50 feet up. Whose water starts flying like white smoke. That is the reason it is called ‘Dhuandhar.’

Dhuandhar Falls is a remarkable site in terms of magnificence, which attracts countless tourists throughout the year. The place is also ideal for a picnic with friends and family. There is ample open space in front of the waterfall. Located merely 30 km away from Jabalpur – the falls are the incredible magnificence of Jabalpur.

The best time to visit Dhuandhar falls is during the months August to October when the Narmada Mahotsava (Bheda Ghat festival) celebrated. Once in Dhuandhar, remember to have a delight boat experience within the valley of white marble, which appears yellow in the course of sunsets. The white marble seems marvellous when the evening glow falls on it and gives it a radiant appearance.

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