Education8 Physical Exercise that Strengthens your Lungs during COVID-19

8 Physical Exercise that Strengthens your Lungs during COVID-19

Coronavirus disease is a highly communicable pandemic disease; it affects the respiratory tract of humans. The symptoms of the disease are common to that of cold and fever. We can survive this pandemic by boosting our immunity and strengthening our lungs. Lungs are the most important part of our respiratory system. The main function of the lungs is to inhale fresh air and exhale waste gases.

For ages, walking and physical exercises have been humans’ best medicine. Whereas we can perform certain exercises, especially COVID-19 breathing exercises, that can strengthen our lungs and help us in against fight the pandemic.

The 8 powerful physical exercises that can boost immunity and strengthen your lungs are:

1. Pilates


Pilates are becoming more popular nowadays; it helps strengthen the diaphragm because of the deep breaths you take help your spine decompress. Deep breaths also help to get rid of Carbon Dioxide and inhale fresh oxygen. In between, lay down and lift your arms up and down ten times while taking deep breaths, it will help you relax, and it’s just a simple lung exercise.

2. Running


Running is great for the lungs. When we run, the muscles’ workout in our legs and arms can cause shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is caused by lactic acid production. It gives your lungs a challenge and is probably one of the best lung exercises; over time, they become stronger. It is highly recommended to including running in your day-to-day life, and the time should be fixed for running.

3. Swimming

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Swimming is something we all love. Diving right in a pool is best for those who wish to improve their lung capacity. Swimming is best known for weight loss, but it has innumerable overall. Breathing in through your nose air out through your mouth helps your body dispose of carbon dioxide, which furthermore strengthens your lungs.

4. Improving your posture

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Did you know you can increase your lung capacity with the right body posture? You don’t need to change clothes or any other type of equipment, all you need is a chair. Bad posture is something we all find ourselves in working defects. When your spine is curved or you are slouching, you are compressing your lungs, but when you are sitting upright or straight, giving your lungs the relief they need. Your lungs can expand better, and diaphragm tension reduces just by a change in posture.

5. Planking


Planking is not uncommon due to its benefits; it strengthens your abdomen. Planking means staying the position that of a push-up and holding your body in that position for quite some time; your elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle. A minimum of thirty seconds is required to hold your body in the position. It opens up your chest cavity, helping your lungs function properly.

6. Walking


Walking is very important due to the many different reasons and should be included in your day. Walking increases cardiovascular health and is also a simple lungs exercise. Walking for just thirty minutes every day can improve tissue health and take the pressure off a diseased organ. During the pandemic, we all are couped up inside, but walking indoor can be a great lung exercise. You should breathe heavily to get your blood pumping.

7. Push-ups


Push-ups are the most commonly performed exercise that can build your lung capacity. You can do tho exercise in the comfort of your own home. No pandemic will get in your way of you benefiting from this terrific workout. Fresh blood is pumped by the heart when you perform push-ups. It ensures that both your heart and lungs are healthy. If you focus on the exercise and paying attention to your breath, your lung capacity would deepen.

8. Belly breathing

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Belly Breathing (Image courtesy: yurielkaim)

Belly breaths are the specific breaths that come from deep within your abdomen; this is the key muscle that is exercised when you inhale and exhale. Belly breathing is done especially when you want to exercise your abdominal muscle. It can be done easily; just lie straight on your back and extent your legs flat against the floor with one hand placed on your stomach and the other on your chest; when you’re ready, take a big, slow breath.

Look at your hand placed on the stomach; when you inhale, it should elevate, and when you exhale, it should move downwards. At the time of this pandemic, we all feel the need for a strong body and lungs; belly breathing can be regarded as a COVID-19 breathing exercise. Our body is a wonderful machine, and all you need to do is work on it and maintain is to work in the best way possible. These were some of the exercises; with the help of these exercises, you can strengthen your lungs and prepare them to fight back the pandemic.

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