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How Can Cold Temperatures Make Your Workouts More Efficient?

It is easy to hibernate under tons of blankets during winters, watch our favourite movies or become couch potatoes on our favourite couch. It becomes so difficult to face cold temperatures that we are not motivated to do any physical activities. As per the reports, citizens of Japan lived until the age of 75 if they did not have any disease. This may be due to their diet, lifestyle, or other factors, but cold-weather exercise is also a part of the equation.

Winter workouts can help you get small doses of sunlight is which a great vitamin D source, improving mood. As per the resources, it can also help you boost immunity and fight bacterial and viral infections. Many proofs doing the workout in cold temperatures help you burn more calories and make your workouts more efficient.

Hot workouts Vs. Cold workouts, which workout is better?

Hot Workouts Vs Cold Workouts

Your training program may be different. Whether you play football or run 10 miles in the woods or the backyards, the work efficiency is limited in cold weather. However, you can use both hot and cold weather conditions to your benefit as per the research. If you focus on building up your muscle, then working out in the cold may not help because muscle force decreases in cold temperature. In this case, there is a great chance that you are injured. However, the proper warm-up can help you avoid the risk and increase your work efficiency. Top injuries due to cold temperature workout include hypothermia and frostbite. One can dress up in layers while working out in the cold and remove that layer of clothing once you start to sweat and wear it back once your body cools down.

Everyone has their ideal work out temperatures depending on person to person. Most of them consider 70 degrees Fahrenheit as the ideal temperature for their race and sports training. However, there are many athletes worldwide, and they adjust their bodies according to the climatic conditions in their area and do the workouts.

As soon as winters sets in most of us get inside the doors until the sunny days return. Still, if we are brave enough to leave our room heaters and face the cold by doing out fitness activities, this cold weather can bring plenty of benefits to the body and our mind.

Big benefits of Exercising in winter:

Big Benefits Of Exercising In Winter

Any workout in winter is awesome. Some go for a walk; a few of them with their dogs and some go for winter sports, and all of them are good to keep you active throughout the day. If you stop being lazy and get addicted to any winter workout, then you will love the benefits of it.

1. Burn more calories:

During winters in cold weather, your body works harder comparatively to regulate the core body temperature. Hence, your body metabolism increases, and you burn more calories and fat during exercise in winters than the indoor workouts or hot workouts. This way you can get your desired waistline, you have always wanted.

2. Improve heart health:

Cardiovascular disease is a major threat to health. Anything that improves your heart health is a smart thing to add to your daily workout routine. In winters, your heart’s work efficiency increases because it takes extra effort to pump blood throughout your body. Still, for those people with unhealthy hearts, it could get difficult for the heart to take that extra effort in pumping blood throughout the body. This can increase injury or illness; therefore working out regularly in winters will maintain your cardiovascular endurance and keep your heart health in good shape. If you have existing heart disease then to be safe, consult your doctor to check if you can do an intense workout during winters.

3. Water intake increases:

It is quite natural to drink less water in cold temperatures because you do not’ feel much thirsty. Therefore, when you work out during winter’s, your body continues to sweat, you will feel the urge to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water before a workout can also help minimise other dangers like injuries during the exercise, and your body will stay warm from start to finish. Therefore, the key point is to not wait until the time you are thirsty to hydrate yourself. Make sure you drink one litre of water instead of one glass of water.

4. Understand how important exercise is including its warm-up and cool-down routines:

As you, get lazy and hibernate yourself in fear of going out in the cold, your exercise routines can help you get super active, and your body temperature is maintained so that you do not feel so cold by doing the proper warm-ups before your exercise is crucially important because it prepares your body for the exercise and reduces the risk of muscle soreness. Cool down after exercise is equally important because it brings back your heart rate and blood pressure to normal.

5. Get the dose of Vitamin D during winters:

No matter which part of the world you are in, it might be easy for you to stay away from that nasty weather. It is a fact that every part of the world has a limited daylight supply as long as you are living on earth. Therefore, the supply of Vitamin D is also limited, which is, in fact, very important for healthy bones and proper functioning of the immune system. Most of the Indians are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency during winters.

No matter how cold it is, it does not mean that sun exposure will keep you deprived of your essential nutrients. Take a chance of replenishing your essential nutrients by performing a simple yoga or an exercise while soaking up in the early morning sun; 20 minutes of your time in the sun, every day and you are all set to go.

6. Improves your mood:

Winters are gloomy for couch potatoes and want to hide under the blanket all day long. Reduced exposure to sunlight and workouts can disrupt your internal clock and lead to depression and sadness by decreasing your overall work efficiency. Hence, it is advisable to keep yourself active by following proper workout routines under the morning sun; this will release endorphins and wards off the signs of depression, and you can notice the sudden boost in your mood. You will feel happier and full of energy for the rest of your day.

7. Boost your Immune system:

Flu, cough, common cold, and fevers are common in winters, only a few lucky people bypass such diseases during this time, maybe because of their good immune system. Performing regular workouts will protect you from such symptoms and diseases.

8. Charge up your mornings feeling refreshed:

Did you find anything better than that refreshing cold air waking you up in the morning and making you feel alive? Running in the winter mornings is one of the quickest outdoor activities; you can refresh your mind, body, and spirit. That natural sunshine says come and pick me up any time by enjoying the crisp air and nature. Even 20-minute jogging can bring you that prep to start your day.

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The nine easy winter workouts you can do without any equipment:

Few must be looking for the quick cheat sheet to do their workouts, which in turn should be easy and at the same time good enough to increase your heart rate and make you sweat. These exercises are very basic for the start-up level and can be done by all age groups from anywhere in any part of the world.

1. Jumping Rope:

We all have done this while we were a little boy or a little girl. Doing this exercise for only 100 counts will literally make you go out of breath, and it is a good cardiovascular exercise to increase your heart rate and pump good health in you. Doing this regularly can improve your coordination and balance in day-to-day life.

2. Stair Stepping:

Climbing stairs is one of the vertical exercises where you will be pushing down the stairs to lift your entire body. This 30-minute exercise would help you increase the strength in your legs, thigh, and hip muscles and the toning of abdominal muscles and building strong muscle mass in the lower body.

3. The Plank:

This exercise is very important to build up your core muscles. To do this take a push up position, maintain a straight bodyline from head to toe, and hold the position for 60 seconds on your arms extended. By doing this back and chest, strength improves along with the shoulders, neck, and abs. You can easily find this workout online.

4. Dancing:

Dancing and aerobics are some of the favourites and easy exercise routines one can regularly follow. No matter what age group you fall under, keep your heart feel young and lively by dancing. You do not have to impress anyone with your steps. Just put on your favourite song and flow with the beats.

One hour of dancing or aerobics can improve your heart and lungs condition, make your bone strong, tone your muscles, do the weight management, and increase your heart rate. This is the go-to exercise for overall body workout.

5. Lunges:

It is a lower-body exercise. To do this put one leg forward, bend it to 90 degrees on the ground, and move forward then repeat the same with the other leg and follow the cycle until you cover the whole room or a hall. This is a beneficial leg exercise. Also, it will help you build muscle mass, build up strength and tone your body.

6. Bicycle Crunch:

Some day if you miss your running or bicycle ride then consider doing bicycle crunches. Lie down by facing upwards with legs extended. Put your feet together and place your hands behind the head with elbows wide apart. Keeping the legs few inches from the floor start pedalling the bicycle in the air trying to touch your elbows with the knees. This exercise will help you in activating your hips and oblique. Develops your abdominal muscles.

7. Jumping Jacks:

It is the best cardio exercise and very useful for a complete body workout. To do this exercise jump up and while doing so, spread your legs apart and take your hands over your head. Doing this for 5 minutes will increase your heart rate, benefits your lungs, burns more calories and your muscles get stronger.

8. Flutter Kicks:

This exercise mimics a swimming stroke. Doing this for 60 seconds will help your core muscles, gluteal muscles, hips, and abdomen to develop. To perform this, you need to sit back raise your legs, bring your feet in front of you, and alternatively do leg up and down without touching the ground.

9. High Knee March:

This is one of the cardio-intensive workouts. To make this stand on your feet hip-distance apart, lift your knee to the chest and follow this with the other leg. Doing this for 5 minutes will improve your leg muscles, increases your heart rate, and improves your flexibility.

Now, your blood must be gushing out to get started with your exercise routines. Small changes in your daily lifestyle can bring you a long way. You do not need any fancy sportswear to get started. Put on your comfortable clothing and get started with the exercise. Your body knows the best, so listen to your body and regardless of the climatic conditions, take care of it the way you take care of your pricy belongings.

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