Op-edHome Based Business Ideas for Indian Housewives

Home Based Business Ideas for Indian Housewives

Are you looking for, the Home based Business Ideas for Housewives? Well, you are at right platform — if you are a housewife and don’t want to go outside for the job, but you want to earn some money in your spare time. Whatsoever is the century and the society you are living in no one can stop you in today’s time if you have talent and even if you are not that talented you can still do many home based work and can make a good amount of money.

In this article I’ve listed the best available work and business ideas mainly dedicated to the housewives which they can do without going outside or much investment — you can call it the zero investment business ideas for the women.

Here are the list of home based business ideas for women and housewives :

1. Art & Craft — Painting, Jewellery & Dress Designing

Warli Painting

Most of the women have interest in some kind of art like — painting, Jewellery Designing, Dress Designing etc. Ladies who have artistic capabilities, but are unable to work for full time because of their domestic responsibilities. However, in their spare time, you can make paintings, draw sketches and then can sell them online either by creating their own websites, blog or through other such as — Quikr, OLX, Amazon and Flipkart which have ensured and guaranteed clientele. They can also go for other forms of art such as Dress Designing and jewellery.

You can also sell your products through Whatsapp and Pinterest or you can start your own classes at home to teach others.

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2. Blogging


Blogging as a Profession

Ladies who pioneer in writing and have the ability and capability in writing quality articles can start blogging websites. Those who want to start blogging, I will recommend to create an account for free on Blogger.com instead of WordPress since the Blogger.com allow you to integrate Google AdSense and monetize where in case of WordPress.com it is not possible until you have not upgraded the WordPress account plan or using WordPress on your own website — You can see the article, making a professional blogging website at just rupees 100 which will help you in creating a professional blogging website at cheapest cost.

3. Bridal consultant

indian bridal makeup artist

Nowadays, Bridal Consultant is a new and better career option for the housewives and women. Being a housewife you must be aware that during the marriages a girl always wants some or the other help in many things where she need consultant for the experienced housewives.

You can opt this wonderful career in assisting the brides in their makeup to dressing and other things in which she needs help. In addition to this you can also try the Wedding Management which is another good career option for the women.

4. Catering and Cooking



Cooking is one the best and favorite hobbies not only for the women, but also for the men. When it comes to cooking tasty and yummy food, no one can leave women behind since they are the masters at cooking. Every day they cook food for their family and the relatives where the women with confidence and good cooking ability can have the cooking as one of their business and can make a good revenue.

Today, social media and social network such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are highly popular where the women specialized in Cooking Muffins, Cakes, Pasties, Brownies and Pickles, etc. can take the advantage of these social networking sites in building up audiences and strong contacts which will help in expending their cooking business.

Women with simple food cooking skill can start Tiffin service which they can serve to students living in hostels or as Paying Guest.

5. Yoga and fitness classes

Yoga Postures

Women with skill and knowledge about Yoga can make “Yoga Se acha Sehat Hoga” Your Mantra and can start the Yoga classes at home and can help other women in training and guiding them with Yoga exercise while making it your source of income.

Yoga is one of the zero investment business, unlike the other businesses which require a lot of involvement the yoga only require time investment where you can make a daily schedule as per your convince.

You can start the Yoga and fitness classes, even if you are not good at Yoga by taking the help of YouTube and Wikipedia in learning the right methods and postures.

6. Private Home Based Tuition

Indian teacher

No matter in which subject you masters — running a private home based tuition does not require much investment or skill in teaching the students.

Today, Subjects like Maths, Science, English and Social Science are highly popular where the educated women specialized in either of the subjects can teach the senior students and can make a good amount of money.

You can teach the students in the comfort of your home and while doing small household work if you want.

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