Op-edTop 6 Distractions That Reduce Your Productivity

Top 6 Distractions That Reduce Your Productivity

It’s the second day of Work, and you have so many things to do, but you keep waving Pinterest and Instagram. Although the person on average works 8 hours, it is so difficult to remain focused and productive the whole day. There are many Distractions, and our productivity levels fall several hours every day.

1. A Toxic Workplace

Toxic Stress

If it is real or not, the average worker is at Work for ten years. Employees work more productively if you are willing to do so physically and emotionally, and the right place of Work has an enormous impact on them. The working environment thus influences the efficiency and health of employees. You reduce productivity even without knowing it if you work in a toxic workplace.

Solution: Coordinate the office.

Keep the temperature level comfortable. It is recommended to keep the temperature at 23 to 23 ° C during summer and 20-23—5 ° C during winter with a relative moisture content of 50 per cent.

Provide adequate ventilation: Improve Productivity & air quality and provide live oxygen plants. Create correct lighting: take full advantage of the daylight and get a 3500-4000 K light lamp. Adjust your computer’s brightness to decrease the risk of eye stress.

Take an ergonomically built office chair: support the lower back and facilitate proper posture. Decline the place of Work: use shelves and lockers to hold documents and office supplies. Add motivational stuff: decorate the inspiration and encouragement of your office. The first challenge if you want to work effectively is to build a well-organized workplace.

2. Breaks of coffee

Coffee BreakRoughly 24. 3 per cent of workers agree that the second distraction at Work is drinking coffee. Do you agree that your brain doesn’t want to work before you take a cup of coffee?

If so, then you’re just another coffee addict who needs to boost energy through the consumption of caffeine. Because this habit helps you to increase concentration, many workers miss coffee 24 minutes a day and decrease productivity.

Solution: adhere to a timetable.

Before the workday, drink coffee: it doesn’t take that much time to sip coffee except for your colleagues. Speaking about different topics lengthens the process, so if you want to drink it, do it before your day of Work begins.

Use alternative caffeine sources: coffee is not the only crunch that you can use. Several caffeine-containing products can increase your energy. Substitute coffee for chocolate, for instance.

Though you may think coffee would help you do more, it makes you work less effectively as you spend much time on this habit. Seek to get rid of this, and the result will shock you.

3. Multi-tasking 

MultitaskingIf you think it is a way to keep productive to do several things at a time, we have bad news. Imagine: only 2% of the people are good at working together. Task change calls for attention to be shifted between various tasks, and you spend a lot of time focusing on Work. It takes time and effort, and you suffer from the quality of your Work. Multitasking can lead to burning, so at Work, it is another distraction.

Solution: Concentrate at once on one task.

Prioritizing: start to work on tasks following their urgency. You can complete jobs faster if you know how to prioritize tasks efficiently.

Learn to say ‘no’: many people can not refuse to help anybody, as they think the person can be offended. However, you can improve job performance if you don’t turn between your duties and support other colleagues. Therefore, when appropriate, learn to say no.

Assign tasks: it’s nice if you can assign jobs to your fellow staff. This is an important factor when you avoid doing something to increase your output. Keep centred on challenging assignments, and efficiency will be increased.

At least once in a lifetime, someone attempted multi-tasking. Think of the consequences it can lead to before you make it a routine. After all, rising efficiency is a sure way to accomplish more, even though you have a strict order to do it.

4. The social network

Social mediaSo much are your social media pages reviewed every day? Twelve? Twenty? Fifty? The average person spends nearly two hours a day, and there is a sharp increase in social media use.

A study reveals that social media hurts the competitiveness of the workforce as 13% of total resources were lost when private networking channels are used.

Solution: Set limits on social media.

Block social networking websites: while some businesses monitor and restrict access to social media networks, if you want to develop yourself as a committed worker, you better avoid using these websites on your own. Stop working day texting: It is seen as a productivity drain when workers stop working to answer text messages.

Often we allow the sending of pop-up notifications by our gadgets to remain tuned for recent news. However, realizing who’s put you on LIKE doesn’t motivate you to function better, and any notification tends to avoid testing your gadget. To stop using social media takes a lot of effort, but try to control yourself if you want to become more productive at Work.

5. Noisy Colleagues

Noisy ColleaguesBesides being a freelancer, loud colleagues are the most distracting annoyance at Work. And you can’t influence people around you because of it. But, to avoid diminishing (and becoming irritated), you need to understand how you treat bright coworkers.

Solution: noise block.

Let all know: while you have to agree with colleagues, there’s nothing bad to explain your views on noises to them. For example, you can suggest they organize business meetings without distracting other colleagues or use online chats to communicate. Listen to music with headphones. You can make headphones more effective and block sounds when listening to music.

Office job: new technology allows people to work from anywhere they have an Internet connection. When you can work out, and your friends are too ridiculous to stand, do it!

Teamwork is great, but your Work is not efficient for rushing colleagues. Therefore, unquestionably block this interruption.

6. E-mails

EmailFor several of us, the first thing we do in the morning is to check email. We address high-priority requests, answer questions, read articles on our numerous mailing lists, and delete junk mail. We have our inbox open from there all day long, and we click on it automatically when a new email pops up.

It’s not our fault several times. Many of us were informed that reactivity on email is a key part of our career. However, this kind of commitment to our inbox is a reliable way of torpedoing our productivity. Email responses are reactive by their very definition.
Our many e-mail threads and conversations lead us in several ways and distract us from the important Work on our plate.

Solution: Install and conform to your e-mail address rather than live in your inbox.

I usually begin my day with the Work that needs to be concentrated at my highest level around 8 a. m. I will search my Inbox for any emergencies after I have made major advances (usually around an hour later). I focus on emails at designated times during the day – usually, around 11 am, 3 pm and again before I leave the office if there’s no one.

It turns out that most of the emails you think need your immediate attention don’t do, and if someone has to find a way to answer questions, then they usually find away.

Another Common Distraction 


Procrastination: Of various reasons, all workers sometimes pause or postpone their jobs. 20 % of people are chronically repellent at the same time.

Working with your time management skills has a negative impact, and it is, therefore, difficult to fulfil deadlines. It is a warning that even without realizing that you are wasting your time. Therefore, no longer being a proliferate is a crucial responsibility if you want to work more effectively.

Solution: Regular breaks and motivation increase.

Find the balance between Work and life: we often start to burn out. If you want to stop that, find your life ‘s happiness, and never work every day. If possible, take breaks and days off and enjoy the full life.

Practice the techniques of time management. It is scientifically proven that it is impossible to stay focused all day. Different theories provide various strategies for maximizing the productivity: laws of 52 and 17, strategies.

How to combat distractions

Find ways to reduce job disruptions, and without compromising your health, you will do more. And Eventually, Gain Maximum Success In your Life.

1. Keep video conferences

Video ConferencingAlthough 23% of the employees say conferences are a waste of time, most of us can not skip the time. Organize video calls to improve productivity, to make the most of conferences.

94 % of people confirm the productivity improvement of video conferences. You can establish eye contact when you run a video conference to reduce the risk of distractions. Citizens are less bored and focused and thus, without too much effort, you solve the problem quicker.

Track the time

2. Track the time of Work

We use more time than necessary to work on a particular task. Use time-tracking apps and tools to begin to be more productive. You stay focused on doing the job, and productivity is increasing when you know your time is being monitored.

When choosing a time tracking device, compare the specifications to the features of each device. Some tools only track your time and report timesheets. Others list activities, and some provide additional features including reminding you of disturbances on social media or long coffee breaks. These resources are perfect because they keep you focused and productive, so you can work even more every day.

3. Every 25 minutes take a break.

Take a breakTake a short break to increase the concentration when you feel a lack of energy to work on your mission. Scientists claim that the human brain needs a little time to keep track, so it is important to take a break to increase productivity.

To understand when a break is necessary, rely on the Technique, one of the most popular methods, since it recommends that you take a 5-minute break every 25 minutes. There are a variety of advantages. It keeps you focusing on completing the task, for example, and thus intensifies your Work. Create an alarm clock and increase productivity.

4. Elliptical Machine Under-desk

Elliptical Machine Under-deskHave you ever thought of buying gadgets to improve work productivity?

If so, an elliptical machine underneath you need! The long sitting affects your health all day, and if you want to improve your well-being, you can spend time playing sports. If after working day you don’t have time to go to the gym, get this kit! It helps you do physical activities while you are working and increases your productivity significantly. Your success is, the better you feel. In fact, to use this tool, you must not stop you from working. Soft, isn’t it?

5. Boost the strength of the brain.

BrainThis is an established way to stay concentrated and prevent degeneration by enhancing brain functions. Whether you eat food, maths, or go sporting, boosting brainpower is a sure way to become more productive, no matter what you choose. While it is almost impossible to avoid delays, there are other ways of reducing the risk.

Once you know how to deal with the biggest challenges at Work, it is easier to be successful because of your know-how. Above all, it helps to find and maintain harmony between Work and life effectively.

Kshreyash Sudrik
Kshreyash Sudrik
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